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Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure




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Learn Einstein Analytics with fun, hands-on examples and best practices.

Ready, set, learn! The Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure app walks you through best practice examples for designing just the right visualizations and for building powerful dynamic apps.

  • Best practice examples highlight the right visualizations for your data
  • Step by step instructions teach you how to write code to build dynamic apps
  • Easy to understand use cases and hands on examples make learning fun
With the Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure app, you'll learn as you play with hands-on charts examples and dynamic visualizations. Some things you can expect to get out of this Learning Adventure:####- Learn how to choose the right visualization for your data, and your audience##- Explore real examples of comparison, trending, relationship, composition, distribution, metrics and location charts; expand your mind to what's possible!##- View the code behind dynamic visualizations (or "bindings") -- explained in plain English! -- and apply it yourself with step by step instructions####You'll become an Analytics hero in no time.####NOTE: Before you can install the package and create the App, please ensure you have the Einstein Analytics platform license and the 'Enable Analytics Templates' org preference enabled in your org. You also need the 'Download AppExchange packages' user permission in order to install a package.##If you do not have an org with the Einstein Analytics platform license enabled, you can sign up for an Analytics DE org in order to install the package. Use this link to sign up:


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  • Compatible with Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsEnterprise & Up
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Other System Requirements
Please make sure you have the following License and Org Preference enabled BEFORE installing the package:##1. Analytics Cloud - Wave Analytics Platform license enabled in your org##2. 'Enable Analytics Templates' org preference enabled in your org

Support Please contact us if you experience any issues with installing the package or creating the Analytics App from the template.

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Einstein Analytics Learning Adventure Samples
EALearningAdventure4.1 / 4.1.0
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