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SalesScreen: The only sales motivation software you'll ever need!

$10 USD per user per month This SalesScreen Extension App requires a provisioned SalesScreen account with a PRO or ENTERPRISE subscription plan paid month-to-month or 1 year up-front. Details available at Request a demo on to learn more. More plans available

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Sales motivation software combining gamification with data analytics

SalesScreen is a sales activity management platform that helps your teams focus on driving activity on the metrics that matter most. We combine all of your metrics from Salesforce with the power of gamification to deliver focus and performance on KPIs.

  • Visualize Data
  • Accelerate Sales
  • Surpass Goals
Do you love Salesforce but struggle with getting reps to focus on targets, enter data properly and work as a team?####SalesScreen is a sales motivation platform that will increase sales reps' focus and activity level on Key goals. This integration will also boost CRM adoption by making data entry more fun and rewarding.####SalesScreen enables your company to create real-time sales contests, track progress on metrics, run head-to-head competitions, and display all of the data you need to create transparency and awareness on targets.####Key features: ##- Social chat feature to build collaboration with colleagues.##- Data visualization to make your sales numbers intuitive.##- Hundreds of customizable slides to display your most important information and updates. ##- Real-time sales competitions with varying goals, prizes and ways of winning.##- Hundreds of fully customizable rank levels and badges to unlock for completing qualifying activities that you determine. ##- Special event celebrations for big milestones. ##- Supported on web, mobile app and TV. ##- Live chat feature via Intercom to quickly solve problems anytime you need support.####Read more at


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Support We offer technical support primarily via the live chat service, found at We can also be reached via email.

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2016-12-01 / 1.5.0
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Customer Testimonials

Dogu AS
Trondheim, Soer-Troendelag, Norway
+47 239 60 844

Dogu is a software company founded in 2011 by students from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology who decided to take the road less traveled and build their own company.####In a time when most young companies are eagerly seeking venture capital, we have opted for dedicating our talent and hard-work to build a bootstrapped, employee-owned yet profitable company.####Today, Dogu has a team of 18 brave nerds who work from 2 offices to build and operate amazing products: SalesScreen and LiveScreen. ####The name Dogu is an acronym for Data og Utvikling which in Norwegian means Data and Development. We would have trademarked it, but Dogu happens to also be a Japanese mythical figurine dating back to over 10 000 years ago.

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