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Komiko: AI-based Customer Success Solution - Embedded in Salesforce & Gainsight

Starting at $30 USD per user per month

Discounts available for nonprofits



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The intelligent way to boost customer retention and expansion

✔ Data-driven recommended playbooks ##✔ Accurate retention prediction ##✔ Intelligent call-to-action ##✔ On-going coaching guidance####Natively embedded into Salesforce and Gainsight (optional). ####Days to get started.

  • Komiko brings all activities and people relationships to one place, in Salesforce and Gainsight (optional). Supporting Office 365, Exchange and Gmail. You can easily tell who is who in an account or opportunity and full-text search across.
  • Komiko recommends customer success playbooks based on email exchange CRM data. It’ll then identify accounts at-risk based on the desired engagement level, surface insights and recommend call-to-action.
  • The next level up supports additional signals including: usage date, order information and customer service activity. These signals will be added to the prediction model and used to enrich the playbooks, health score and call-to-action.
AI-based Customer Success Solution - Embedded in Salesforce & Gainsight (optional)####1. Supports multiple signals including team’s engagement via email, usage data, order frequency and customer service. Advantage: Goes beyond SaaS companies. Currently supports industries like managed services, manufacturing and distribution, companies that do not have daily usage data. ##2. Recommends Customer Success playbooks based on applying ML model on customer’s and benchmark data. Advantage: Cuts implementation time from months to days. ##3. Predicts accounts retention and expansion probability (health score). Advantage: Not relying on subjective CSM judgment. ##4. Provides on-going coaching and assistance for each Customer Success Manager. Advantage: Komiko’s coaching ensures proactive behavior and Komiko’s assistance boosts productivity. ##5. Natively embedded in Salesforce, leveraging any relevant data including: accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, activities. ####Days to get started.
7826 Leary Way Suite 201, Redmond WA 98052

Komiko is the only Customer Success solution that is built with data and AI from the ground up. ####After spending years at Microsoft and SAP we wanted to build a CRM solution that people love. CRM that is focused on helping people, at all levels, be more successful. CRM that can automatically learn best behaviors and share them with the rest of the team. ####To accomplish it we started from the place where most business interactions are stored. Your email and calendar exchange, combined with your CRM data. These two data sources that keep historical information allow Komiko to instantly train its machine learning models. No effort on the customer side. ####In day one, Komiko will recommend playbooks derived from the way that best customer success managers operate. These playbooks will be the basis for on-going recommended call-to-action. Komiko will also identify additional needs for call-to-action e.g. account champion has recently disengaged or customer's response time has dropped and more. Komiko will also predict retention probability so CSMs can address it early enough. And help CSMs addressing CTA is the most efficient way.