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Automated assignment for profiles, permission sets, and more!

Permission Assignment Rules (PAR) allow you to assign permissions to large sets of users automatically. Similar to Lead Assignment Rules, PAR enables scalable, job-appropriate User permissions from day one based on your assignment criteria.

  • Assign permissions automatically during user creation, updates by admins, or changes from integrated HR systems. PAR assigns Profiles, Permission Sets, Public Groups, Chatter Groups, and Queues using criteria you define.
  • Users are assigned access based on your specific business requirements. This eliminates the headaches that can occur during onboarding and team changes. User’s screens will ALWAYS appear correct for their job function.
  • Be it 5 or 500, your users will have correct access from day 1. Avoid business stopping delays, additional support tickets, and unneeded manual work. Users meeting your rule criteria will be assigned automatically.
Permission Assignment Rules are configured similar to Lead and Case Assignment Rules. By setting rule criteria based on user data you can easily automate assignments for:####- Profiles##- Permission Sets##- Public Groups##- Queues##- Chatter Groups####PAR enables you to create a template for user provisioning within your org, easily clarifying any questions around "who sees what" for admins and users alike. With systematic assignment, you can reduce the risk of over-provisioning that accompanies manual permission maintenance over extended periods.####Frequently Asked Questions##Q: What happens when a user’s profile if it meets multiple criteria?##A: Just like in Lead Assignment Rules, the first rule that meets the criteria is assigned. All other permissions are not exclusive (you can assign multiple permissions and groups to the same user).####Q: What if the users no longer meet criteria?##A: The assignment is maintained until removed by the admin. One of the reasons the permissions are kept is a concern of incidental edits to your user table slowing down business process. For PAR, much like Lead Assignment Rules, if the criteria are not met, the current assignment is maintained.


  • Compatible with Enterprise, and Unlimited EditionsEnterprise & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
  • Apps, tabs, and objects in this package don't count against org limitsNo Limits

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Winter 2017 - Single Run Link / 1.8.0
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San Francisco, California, USA

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