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Mobile Time Tracker: Easy time tracking for for fast billing, payroll

Starting at $5 USD per user per month Pricing is per Mobile Active User. There is an additional one-time Setup Fee. For more details, please check our pricing at

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Mobile, web and Salesforce timesheets for everyone! For teams too.

♦ Time Tracking on phone/web/Salesforce##♦ Team lead tracks time for full crew##♦ Offline access##♦ Timesheet approval, PTO##♦ GPS, notes, photos with time sheet##♦ Notifications, text messages from server##♦ Integration to Android and iPhone calendars.

  • Accurate time tracking with mobile & web timesheets. Non-Salesforce users too. Timesheet info for fast and easy billing and payroll. Offline access too. Photos, GPS site notes for full visibility. Stop buddy punching, illegible timecards.
  • Time tracking configured to your business. Track to Project/Task/Worktype. Or to any standard/custom objects in Salesforce including Opportunities/Cases/Jobs. Configure calendar updates, notifications, text messages, GPS tracking, icons and colors.
  • Managers gain insights into team work; approve timesheets and get realtime reports on labor expenses including overtime, vacation and PTO. See who's on the job and where. Manage staff with a single app for payroll, time-off, projects.
Easy time tracking your team will love! Mobile, web or in Salesforce. Mobile and web apps for non-Salesforce users too. Simple interface makes time tracking user-friendly and accurate. Eliminate manual time sheets and Excel. Enable managers to track their teams with powerful reports and dashboards. GPS locations, notes and photos from jobsites for full visibility.####Extensive configuration options for specific time tracking needs. 100% Native app lets you use the power of Salesforce for reports and integration with other apps for payroll, billing, project management. Multi-language support.####Two configs: ##♦ Basic: Simple check in/out for individual users on the mobile, Salesforce or web. ##♦ Advanced: For teams OR individuals to clock in, check in/out to travel/job/other tasks and clock out. Great for construction, maintenance, installation crews.####Track time from any location, any device, in real time. Managers review and approve timesheets quickly (customer managers too). simplify time tracking to control labor expenses & stay compliant with labor laws. ####From your employee's mobile phone to - in real time! Intelligent time tracking for productive teams.


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Package Name
Mobile Time Tracker
Mobile Time Tracker / 1.40.0
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Impel LLC
San Jose CA USA

At Impel, we are passionate about bringing businesses and their stakeholders closer together, using mobile technology. We enable companies to provide a consistent, seamless customer experience by integrating multiple channels like phone apps, emails, web-chat, in-app chat and the cloud. We provide an easy-to-use, practical and fast customer service solution for small to medium businesses. ####Our goal is simple - to allow businesses and all their stakeholders to communicate easily and effectively. Simple software that scales easily with your business. From your phone to Salesforce in one click!

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