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Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform - Cobrowse, Mobile Screen Share & More




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Enterprise Grade Visual Engagement from Consumer to Compliance

Increase agent outcomes & improve customer interaction with the Recursive Labs Visual Engagement Platform. Go beyond simple solutions & screen shares by leveraging the 1st enterprise-grade customer engagement solution with patented co-browsing solutions.

  • With Realtime Engagement, you can protect your customers with the most secure & patented co-browse in the market. This solution features FREE voice & video chat, mobile engagement, object-level redaction, no-download simplicity for web browsing & more.
  • Create and share interactive & mobile-friendly videos with the simple recording method of Replay interactive application video. Standard videos can be easily shared with customers through chat, email, & text or passed via our chatbot integration, Reply.
  • Take advantage of the comprehensive session archiving tool, Record, for training & compliance. Generate an MP4 video file, which includes all URL and mouse position information and maintains protection rules for sensitive data, on demand.
Recursive Labs is the leader in digital cobrowsing and customer engagement. With our patented visual engagement platform, you can interface live with your customers on any device. ####The Recursive Labs customer engagement solution includes Realtime co-browse and engagement, Replay interactive video, Record archiving, Reply chatbot integration, Reflection full web collaboration. ####Our open API platform includes:##-The industry's most secure, cross-platform co-browsing solution,##-Engagement capabilities on any web page, desktop, mobile, and IoT device, ##-No-download, in-browser voice and video chat,##-Recording capabilities for compliance and training, and##-Open integration with major bot platforms for interactive video and elegant escalation to live engagement.####The Recursive Labs Salesforce integration brings these platform features to your agents:##-Turnkey, Lightning ready integration with your existing Salesforce account,##-Customer engagement and cobrowsing directly inside Salesforce; no new tabs or windows, ##-Operate inside or outside the Salesforce console, and##-Engagement data automatically attached to relevant Salesforce entities.


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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+1 314.222.0790

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August 2016 / 1.14.0
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Latest Release

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Recursive Labs, Inc.
Saint Louis, MO USA
+1 (314) 222-0790

Recursive Labs fixes the fatal flaw in remote sales/support - by increases sales, improving customer satisfaction & lowering repeat caller rates with the most secure & versatile Visual Engagement Platform available. ####The Recursive Labs visual engagement platform offers a suite of tools that enable companies to remotely see, share, and show what they need to their customers as though they are in the same room. Integrating with Salesforce CRM and chat functions, this platform wraps a visual element around existing engagement and relationship tools.####This customer engagement solution includes Realtime cobrowse and engagement, Replay interactive video, Record archiving, Reply chatbot integration, and Reflection full web collaboration. ####Built on a patented platform, Recursive Labs has created the most secure solution on the market. This enterprise-grade suite provides element level redaction, simple and interactive video, session archiving, chatbot content, and anywhere engagement. Create a truly omnichannel experience for your customers with engagement on any device connected to the Internet.

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