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IOLITE Checklist - Get your Data out of Forms and into Salesforce

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Ask, Answer, Act!

Increase productivity and eliminate costly errors when IOLITE Checklist becomes part of all your company’s processes! Complex survey logic, GeoTagging, Attachments, and native mobile support make this app a go-to for all kinds of data gathering needs.

  • The elegant and user-friendly admin screens let you easily define questions, answers, and actions. Control updates to Salesforce via field mappings. Control output information via branded PDF outputs.
  • The clean, mobile-friendly user interface works on all Salesforce supported mobile devices. Use pictures, attachments, tasks, and comments to supplement user responses and collect details. GPS location is provided for each response.
  • Use Checklist internally for customer service or to check details on products or service offerings. Use Checklist externally to allow Customers, Partners, Vendors to answer questions that directly feed into Salesforce.
Get your data out of forms and into Salesforce! ASK, ANSWER, ACT####Checklist is a 100% native Salesforce application that empowers users by creating simple questions to drive action and accountability into your business. Use Checklist to free your teams from paper forms, re-keying of data, and transcription errors. Instantly access data in Salesforce from customer onboarding, inspections, and compliance recording. Act on that data by auto-creating tasks, capturing photos, attaching documents, and recording GPS location for each response. What will you do with Checklist? ####Increase productivity and eliminate costly errors when IOLITE Checklist becomes part of all your company’s processes!####• Create Checklist for Manufacturing QA Audits. ##• Create Checklist for Customer Onboarding. ##• Create Checklist for Patient Intake. ##• Create Checklist for Brand Compliance. ##• Create Checklist for Repetitive Tasks. ##• Create Checklist for Inspections. ##• Create Checklist for Compliance Control. ####What will you do with Checklist?


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IOLITE Checklist
Spring 2018 (2.10.7) / 2.10.7
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