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Quip Connect for Salesforce




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The power of Quip enhanced with live customer data.

With Quip Connect for Salesforce, you can bring your customer data into the things your entire company is working on. Export Salesforce data into Quip docs and spreadsheets, or access Quip documents right from Salesforce with the custom Quip Component.

  • Export customer data into Quip documents and spreadsheets, and watch it become a catalyst for incredible cross-functional collaboration. Analyze your data for insights, shed light on product roadmaps, and get real-time deal intelligence in meetings.
  • With the Quip Component, your team can link, access, and create Quip documents right inside Salesforce. It's a powerful way for your sales team to find and collaborate on the documents, spreadsheets, and checklists that are crucial to their work.
Quip is a next-generation productivity suite that makes it easier for your team to work together. It combines documents, spreadsheets, tasks, and team chat so your team can get everything done in one, simple place. And with Quip Connect for Salesforce, you can enrich the work your team is doing with live customer data straight from Salesforce.####Start by exporting your customer data into Quip's collaborative spreadsheets. You can analyze, sort, and format the data — with over 400 formulas — to tell your story, then share it with your team. And with Quip, your data comes to life. The spreadsheet can be directly embedded into a larger document that also includes images, checklists, and a conversation with your team. All changes and edits are tracked, and these spreadsheets actually look (and work) great on mobile.####This app also includes the Quip Component, which lets you link, access, and create Quip documents. When your team is working in Salesforce, this is a powerful way to find and collaborate on the documents, spreadsheets, and checklists that are crucial to their work and closing the deal.

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April 2017 / 2.8.0
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San Francisco, California, United States

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