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Teleopti Schedules

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Teleopti WFM Schedules: Tools at Your Finger Tips

The Teleopti Schedule Widget is for anyone using both Teleopti WFM and Salesforce. Through an integrated user-friendly view, employees can view their schedules, plan their days, and know when to change activity to ensure high service levels.

  • View today's and tomorrow's schedule with a simple sideways scrolling action within the Salesforce console. Collapse and expand views as is necessary.
  • Access MyTime agent portal tools with just one-click, to request vacation, trade shifts and set preferences for working times.
  • When a change in schedule occurs, the widget will flash so as to alert the user of the change, allowing them to meet service levels even with changing conditions.
Simplify your agents' lives with Teleopti Schedules Widget - No more clicking and switching windows to see their work schedule, notifications of schedule changes, upcoming activities or friendly reminders. With all data updated instantly from Teleopti WFM, they can stay continually informed when working in Salesforce, all whilst improving their adherence.####Employees, team leaders and managers alike: go for the benefits!####* Increase efficiency and adherence, with employees updated continually throughout the day;####* Improve your intraday processes, with management able to send/receive messages to and from employees;####* Enhance employee satisfaction, with employees able to view activities throughout the day and take breaks at allocated intervals;


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1.6 / 1.6.0
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Stockholm, Sweden

Customers in over 85 countries use Teleopti workforce management (WFM) that automates workload forecasting and employee scheduling. Thanks to Teleopti Schedules for Salesforce, you can view your schedule, get notifications of changes and upcoming activities, friendly reminder and colleague messages directly and continually on your desktop, in one and the same Salesforce window. No more need to switch windows to get to the Teleopti application – incredibly useful, incredibly handy.

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