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The fun way to empower your employees to learn Salesforce.

Install this free app to guide your employees through their Salesforce learning adventure on Trailhead. Assign, track, and report on badges earned by your team via pre-built reports and dashboards to take your Salesforce game to the next level.

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Track training - HUGE, step forward for individual Salesforce training

We're a growing a company that has struggled with adoption. Trailhead is a great way to individualize training but we had no way of tracking this by user. Now, we do. Takes a little work to get it set up correctly but now it's working like a charm.

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guo hua
May 25, 2017 at 2:41 AM


Top Critical Review

Can't be used for partners

We started looking into this and as a SF partner all of our employees have their own Dev orgs that they use for Trailhead. We don't want to merge their accounts into some production we choose so this becomes unusable. I believe there is a way of linking the Trailhead account to a partner account so that the badges are displayed (but not merged)? It would be useful if this could work the same way. In the meantime, we can't use this unfortunately, but would be very beneficial.

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Adam Torman
Jan 08, 2018 at 11:10 AM

Hi @veronika - the new account self-merge/link feature provides this ability and when coupled with trail tracker, allows you to report on your partners by having them opt-in for the reporting by them linking a chatter free license in your org to their trailhead user account. They don't lose control over their account at any point and can always choose to un-link at a future time. But we do require the opt-in for privacy purposes by having them link to your org where trail tracker is installed.

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when user's completed badges & Trailmix syncing data back to my org not working

Hi,## Trail Tracker is installed in my QA-Sandbox and syncing data back to my org not working . But Admin user are not able seeing their completed badges & Trailmix in Dashboard . Pls Help earlier

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If only my users could see their assigned badges

Help Please... Trail Tracker is installed and syncing data back to my org. But my users are not seeing their assigned badges when they log into trailhead. Any suggestions?

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trailheadapp:Too many query rows: 50001

I have installed this app but getting "trailheadapp:Too many query rows: 50001" error. Please, someone, suggest the solution.

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Potentially Good App if Support Could Be Improved

The User Guide is insufficient for configuring and using this app. I was able to install it and configure the Integration User with no problems, however ran into the following issues, which are not covered in the User Guide:####Not all of the badges synced (only 200 of the 391 total). The badges I want to assign are not in the list view or lookup. How do I get ALL the badges to sync?####I created a custom trailmix for my users in Trailhead however, it did not sync with Trail Tracker during the daily apex job sync. How do I view the custom trailmixes that I created in Trailhead in the Trail Tracker app?####I tried to create a new Trailmix however, there is no documentation on where I can find the information to fill in the "API Name" or "External ID" fields. Where does this info come from?####Can I add multiple users when creating a new user badge or do I really have to create each badge for each individual one at a time (which would take a long time)?####All my users have standard licenses, so I don't need to assign them chatter licenses. With this in mind, do they each need to connect our Org to Trailhead in their Trailhead settings, or can I accomplish this for them somehow? I want to sync our org with their Trailhead account, for them, because they may put it off, slowing adoption.####If this info can be added to the User Guide I'm sure it would improve adoption and use of the app.

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David Nava
Sep 15, 2018 at 9:06 AM

Update to Review: If able, I would add two more stars to my rating. After reaching out to Support, who were very helpful, I was able to successfully configure Trail Tracker.##The User Guide and app still need a bit of work however, the app is working as advertised. Thank you!

Found test class errors and unable to identify the issue

I have installed the trail tracker recently in my developer instance for making sure there was no issues before installing in one of the Production instance. But there was some test class errors found and because of no access to the code we could not identify the issue. ####I raised a case to trail head support but there is no facility to track or having a call to discuss about the case. Only email conversations are still going on finding the issue. ####If there is a setup to view our case details on the Trail head account like 'My Cases'. It would be fine. And also there should be a contact number for the support team to have a discuss on any support help to better clarify the things.

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Good start to managing Trailhead training

We're using Trail Tracker to augment our Salesforce training. As functionality is built out in this app, I expect it will be more useful. The current functionality is limited to assigning entire badges; we can't assign trailmixes yet. There is some overlap with the "display badges" on User profile that was part of the Summer '18 Release. The dashboards are helpful and fun for our administraors. I'm excited to see how this app is improved in the future and am excited to be able to manage some of our training within Salesforce and support user adoption this way.

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Amazing package... when it works

If I had written this review a week ago, it would have been a ★★★★★ review. This has been an amazing way to raise Trailhead awareness, and it has helped spark some healthy competition among team members who keep trying to "beat" each other.####Unfortunately, sometime between last Thursday at noon and Friday at noon, it stopped working. We now get errors whenever the job runs to update info. The app very helpfully surfaces error information, but there's nowhere to go for help. Because this is from Salesforce Labs and isn't an official Salesforce product, they don't offer any support. Their suggestion was "I strongly suggest to choose another app that has an actual support so in the future that you'll be having a problem, there a contact support that you can actually call in." Alrighty then... as soon as a find another package the integrates with Trailhead, I'll be sure to do that.####No matter how great something has the potential to be, if it doesn't work the potential doesn't matter. Hopefully this isn't a universal problem and others are able to still use the package. But I've found others with the same issue, so it's not an isolated problem either.####I'm hoping the issue is resolved at some point an we can continue to use it. But until I feel confident that it's reliable and issues are quickly resolved, I'm not going to feel comfortable recommending it to team leaders as a tool to use to assign and track training on their teams.

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Carol Enevoldsen
Sep 06, 2018 at 2:52 PM

How can you tell the sync is not working? ####When Salesforce "sunsetted" the Getting Started LMS videos, we moved to Trailhead as we require proof of training completion prior to granting write access. Very excited about the potential for this app. Tested it to make sure it would work -- even in multiple languages -- and even appeared to track course that were not assigned, but the user took. All good! Rolled it out and the first users are able to take and complete courses, but it's not syncing back to Trail Tracker. They now send screen shots to prove completion. Not sustainable, so I hope this is fixed soon!

Carol Enevoldsen
Sep 07, 2018 at 12:04 PM

Follow-up to yesterday's comment in the hopes that someone might have run into this and can assist...:##I assigned myself another course, completed it, and the next day (today) it showed up as completed. So I'm wondering if there isn't something else going on. One of the users having issues originally used a social account, rather than her Salesforce login, to complete the courses. I asked her to re-do using her Salesforce login and take them again. She did, but they are still not showing up in Trail Tracker. We got on a Skype call and she appears to be doing all the right things. She completed the quiz again (language Spanish). No show. We tried a different module in English, still nothing is showing up in Trail Tracker as completed or even started for this user. But they do show up as completed on her Trailhead profile. She is using Chrome as her browser. Has anyone experience this or know if using social sign on for one's first login to Trailhead prevents Modules from showing up as completed in Trail Tracker? When I first tested prior to roll out, I completed modules in both English and German to test this functionality, so I know it works... thanks,

Carol Enevoldsen
Sep 07, 2018 at 7:29 PM

A big THANK YOU to the Trailhead team for getting the sync back on track! Best team ever!

Useful app

Our Digital Marketing team requested this app to help track/assign modules as part of our digital transformation efforts. It's also useful to identify potential super users for feedback on future projects etc. provided they are using their work email for trail head, so you can recognize them. ####Initially, I ran into some integrations hiccups perhaps due to using custom domain that took some additional time to resolve. We eventually got the integration working and once the sync ran, I was able to use the included dashboard after refreshing it to check the progress. Be sure to read through all the instructions carefully and leverage posts others have listed here and on the community to overcome any challenges you face so you can start tracking asap!

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Need Help Please :)

Hi,####I'm really new to all things Salesforce. I downloaded Trail Tracker and thought I followed all steps correctly. It downloaded fine and can see it in my list of Apps. I can't however seem to get it to connect to my Trailhead account and link my badges etc...##I raised a support ticket with Salesforce Support but they couldn't help and suggested that I post a review so that Trail Tracker support could perhaps help me. ##If anyone can help I'd be most grateful!##Thanks,####Evelyn

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Dare Akande
Aug 30, 2018 at 2:26 AM

Hi Evelyn. Where are you based?

How to use this tool

I have installed the app but I do not understand how to use it. Is there a getting started on how to assign trails/modules/trailmixes to the users? What do I input in the various fields shown on the forms? ####Seems like quite a few people have figured out so maybe I am missing something.....

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Brian Hess
Aug 23, 2018 at 9:32 AM

It comes with a few different app permissions. Be sure you have the correct permission assigned to your profile, the users, and anyone else who will be assigning. I ran into this as well. These the the steps you'll want to read through carefully on how to assign and more: