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Customer Portal Through Salesforce-WordPress Integration

Now, you can quickly create a Customer Portal by integrating Salesforce with WordPress. SalesPort is the easiest way to create a customer portal through the user-friendliness of WordPress and scalability of Salesforce CRM.

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SalesPort: A Salesforce Customer Portal for WordPress

SalesPort Customer Portal by AppJetty is highly recommended for anyone wanting to integrate WordPress and Salesforce beyond web-to-lead forms. I have been using SalesPort since September 2018 and find it to be a real gift for anyone seeking substantive WordPress/Salesforce integration without custom development. And, it was a real bonus to experience how committed the AppJetty team is to customer success.####SalesPort enables Salesforce users to host a Portal on their WordPress website where authenticated users (customers, partners, employees) can perform CRUD operations on standard (or custom) salesforce objects such as - Accounts, Attachments, Cases, Contracts and Orders. For custom objects, you must speak with AppJetty representatives. My experience with several Portal customizations was outstanding. AppJetty's cost were very reasonable and the work was completed within 24-36 hours.####Getting started begins with installing the SalesPort app from the Salesforce AppExchange and the WordPress plugin provided by AppJetty. Users generate security credentials for the WordPress component of the Portal to gain authenticated access to the Salesforce instance.####Configuration isn't complicated. On the Salesforce end it involves setting permissions that control access to the various Portal Modules (i.e. Objects) that the user would like to access via the Portal. Additional configuration includes layout settings for object fields on Portal pages.####On the WordPress end, configuration is similarly uncomplicated. Upon activation, the SalesPort WordPress plugin automatically generates pages for Portal Login, Password Reset, Management and Registration. The Portal user interface is simple and minimalistic, requiring no user manual or training to use. This is exactly what you want if you intend for customers to use the Portal without investing in a dedicated support team.####In summary, SalesPort and AppJetty are essential to my ongoing WordPress/Salesforce integration efforts.

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