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Adobe Sign for Salesforce : Email Integration




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See, send, track, and manage contracts for signature from your email inbox

Now you can manage your contracts for e-signature right from Gmail and MS Outlook. This component adds a panel to your inbox showing Salesforce agreements associated with contacts in your email feed, so you can take action easily without leaving email.

  • Automatically see the status of Salesforce agreements connected to contacts in your inbox. Is the contract signed? Is there a renewal coming up? Is a contract waiting for their signature? See it - and take action - without leaving your inbox.
  • Remove the need to switch back and forth between applications. Sending and managing contracts for e-signature from Gmail, Gmail for Web, and MS Outlook will be captured in Salesforce automatically.
  • The "Adobe Sign for Salesforce: Email Integration" component works in both Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce Classic.
Built on the Salesforce platform, Adobe Sign is easy to set up and use, and can reduce the time it takes to get signatures on agreements by more than 90%. It's a powerful solution for sales acceleration, improved sales productivity and efficiency, and best-in-class experiences for organizations and their clients. ####With the Adobe Sign for Salesforce : Email Integration component, the power of Adobe Sign with Salesforce is now extended to email. With this component, account managers will be able to see the status of Salesforce agreements associated with contacts in their email inbox. Send an agreement for signature. Send a reminder that an agreement needs signing. All without needing to switch applications back to Salesforce. Salesforce is automatically updated with actions taken from this component. ####Simplify the administrative tasks associated with managing sales contracts by enabling your sales teams to manage contracts for e-signature right from their email client. Add this free component to your organization. Requires Adobe Sign for Salesforce v 18.37 or later.


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Other System Requirements
Adobe Sign for Salesforce v 18.37

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Adobe Sign for Salesforce : Email Integration
1.3 / 1.3.0
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Adobe Systems
San Jose, CA, United States

Relied on by Facebook, Google, Dell, Pandora, Twitter, Qualcomm, Taleo, British Telecom, Time Warner and many other leading companies in the Fortune 500, Adobe Sign is the electronic signature solution of choice among both users and reviewers. These web-based solutions make it easy for sales, legal, procurement, HR, and other professionals to securely track, sign and store documents. From Adobe, the established leader in digital, cross-platform document creation, tracking and management.