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$1 USD per company (one-time) By purchasing Rambl for Salesforce through the AppExchange, org integration can be enabled. Use of the Rambl app is priced per user, per month. Contact us for plan options and details.



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Sales Intelligence
Calls that close.

Rambl is your intelligent sales phone.####Do you know what's happening inside your sales calls? Rambl does. Rambl provides managers and reps visibility into call conversation performance to help your team convert more leads.

  • Get visibility into every call:##Your team may be hitting their call metrics, but how qualified and engaged are the calls? Rambl analyzes every call for specific criteria and actions to give you insights into your team's call performance.
  • Maximize your leads:##You've invested real money for qualified leads, but are you getting maximum return? Rambl exposes call conversation indicators to help you course-correct faster and improve conversion.
  • Be a manager, not a shadow:##You have better things to do than shadowing your team. By showing qualification and engagement patterns of each team member, Rambl helps you target your coaching more effectively so you can get back to managing your business.
Rambl keeps your deals moving forward by capturing notes and follow-ups while you talk, then single-tap call logging Salesforce for a zero-friction workflow.####CRM Call Logging makes your Manager smile##Bring joy to your manager's life and connect to Salesforce. Rambl will then log yours call to the right CRM record when you are done with your call. ####Automatic Highlights##After the call, Rambl automatically delivers highlights, including stated commitments like email and calendar follow-ups. A single tap then creates the calendar event or starts your follow-up email.####Calendar Events and Conference Calls##Sync Google and Office 365 to get reminders and 1-click dialing for all of your upcoming calls. Plus, Rambl supports Zoom, Gotomeeting,, Uberconference and many other conference systems so you can skip the PIN numbers.####Search##Easily find important call details via search. Search your past conversations and find anything – topics, people, follow-ups – to better prepare for an upcoming call.####Fast Turnaround##Most phone conversations process in less than 2 minutes. No joke.####100% Privacy##No human beings are involved in the generation of call details.


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, and Unlimited EditionsProfessional & Up
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