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Field Audit Trail Cockpit

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The User Interface for Field Audit Trail

Have Field Audit Trail? Is it configured to your company's Data Retention Policies?##This app provides the necessary user interface to use clicks, not code to configure Field Audit Trail.

  • Know what your Data Retention Policy configuration is within Field Audit Trail.
  • Reduce time/cost to implement your company's specific Data Retention Policy needs.
  • Elevate your Security Policies to a business-facing priority.
Until now, Field Audit Trail has been an API-only feature to manage your Data Retention Policies. ####Easily review the current status of your Field Audit Trail configuration, make updates and apply them to your metadata in this central location.####Field Audit Trail Cockpit reduces the time to implement your Data Retention Policies and removes the necessity for a developer to implement your policies.####This app provides the necessary user interface to use clicks, not code with Salesforce Field Audit Trail.


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Package Name
Field Audit Trail Cockpit
1.3 / 1.3.0
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Latest Release
San Diego, CA, USA

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