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Field Dumper - Extract Data Model to Excel




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Reduce your clicks, save some time - dump your data model to Excel!

Produce an Excel document that lists out your data model - showing field level information for your Salesforce objects. Supports extract of multiple custom and standard objects to a single workbook.

  • Free - why not buy us a coffee? one or more custom or standard object to extract. An Excel spreadsheet is generated. Each object is presented on a separate Excel tab in the generated workbook.
  • Field information is shown as a row in the spreadsheet. The following field level information is listed: Name, API Name, Type (text, datetime, lookup etc), Formula Text, Help Text, Size and more.
  • Great for easy review, analysis, audit, comparison and sharing offline.####Latest Release - 10 Sept 18##minor updates - lookup fields show the objects they reference, Multi-select picklist values can be exported.
This simple app completes an export of field definitions into an Excel spreadsheet.##-The app is FREE!##-One spreadsheet can contain a complete object / field extract of your org.##-Multiple objects can be exported at the same time.##-Each object and its fields are presented on a separate spreadsheet tab.##-Caters for both Custom and Standard Objects.##-Extracts a range of useful paramaters for Custom and Standard Fields.##-It is fully functional - it is not locked, limited or restricted####Benefits:##FieldDump Provides an extract that:##-Saves time and grey hair - manually compiling, navigating or reviewing directly inside Salesforce is not quick, simple or straightforward.##-Can be used for easy review and sharing with others outside of Salesforce.##-Helpful tool to help with common (and not-so common) Admin and Developer Tasks:##--Schema Review and sharing##--Provide information for audit, design review and documentation##--Is a useful snapshot in time##--Scan formulas easily when making changes to identify dependencies##--Complete Cross object field comparisons##--Use output to compare two different orgs##--Review Picklist values


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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