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Tie together your CRM, enablement tools, and the team around you.

Capturing, sharing, and finding the information needed to close business made as easy as taking a note. Dooly captures your notes and conversations, updates your team and Salesforce instantly, and enables you with shared playbooks and deal intel.

  • CAPTURE YOUR NOTES AND CONVERSATIONS.##Sync your meeting notes, including any fields or tasks you add, straight to Salesforce with a single click.
  • UPDATE YOUR TEAM AND SALESFORCE INSTANTLY.##Gain time back in your day by removing the things that slow you down. Every CRM update, every to-do, every back-and-forth with your team done when your call ends. You hunt, Dooly gathers.
  • ENABLE YOUR CONVERSATIONS WITH SHARED PLAYBOOKS AND DEAL INTEL.##Stay ahead of your buyer with the right questions and answers at your fingertips. Sprinkle in customer stories, deal insights and corporate sales tools driving better conversations.
More than notes, Dooly makes it easy for teams to stay focused on their customers by putting their conversations in motion, driving instant collaboration, sales-enablement and updates across the business.####Staying ahead of buyers’ signals with the right solutions and keeping the CRM up-to-date (without being nagged) are constant pressures for today’s seller. Why? The process is too cumbersome and often takes away from customer-facing time—ironic for something that stands for "customer relationship management."####This is where Dooly comes in. ####Dooly captures and actions your customer conversations, solving challenges that affect customer-facing teams today by finding patterns in their meetings, analyzing and actioning them. From administrative work like Salesforce updates, to digging up deal supporting sales tools, Dooly aims to automate the sales process by moving information to and from customer facing teams in real-time. The end goal is simple: providing the freedom to sell!####We built Dooly with you in mind. ##Try today for Free(dom) →
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