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Power Router : Lead Assignment, Lead Round Robin, Opportunity routing

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Scalable Lead assignment and Opportunity routing strategies

Power Router provides an easy and powerful way to create efficient lead assignment strategies for sales teams. Sales Managers/Ops can create and constantly improve their lead distribution so every lead gets the follow up it deserves.

  • * CREATE ROUTING STRATEGIES *##Automate lead and opportunity assignment to make sure your leads land up with the right reps. Assign leads based on demographics, lead source, rating, lead-score or any other standard or custom field you may have.
  • * FLEXIBLE ASSIGNMENT *##Distribute based on sales rep's work hours, availability and toggle to switch on/off assignments. Assign leads based on account or opportunity ownership
  • * ANALYTICS ON ASSIGMENTS *##Powerful analytics to measure and improve your routing strategy. Know why a lead was assigned to a specific rep. Monitor response times and re-assign leads based on service level agreements.
Create powerful routing strategies to assign leads, cases and opportunities to your best rep. Use Round robin or Weighted assignments, lead to account matching, territory based assignments, timezone based routing to create your own routing machine.####Enable account based sales by leveraging the link between leads and accounts. Monitor how each lead gets routed with analytics and dashboards.####100% native to Salesforce & lightning ready.####- Implement round robin assignments quickly##- Assign to senior reps with weighted assignments##- Create lead segments based on territory, industry type, lead source, lead score.##- Assign to users based on work hours, timezones, availability##- Match leads to existing accounts.##- Assign leads from the same company to the same owner. ##- Assignment based on account, contact ownership.####ACCOLADES:##10 5-star AppExchange Sales App (Dreamforce)##15 5-Star Sales Apps You Haven’t Heard Of (But Need To). (Dreamforce)##146 Loveable AppExchange apps (Salesforce)####SUPPORTED INTEGRATIONS ##Salesforce assignment rules##Pardot, Clearbit, Marketo, Hubspot, Eloqua####KEYWORDS:##lead management, lead round robin, sales productivity, territory assignment


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  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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Power Router
Spica / 1.39.0
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Ziguar Inc (Partner Main*)

Ziguar builds sales productivity solutions for Modern Sales teams. We extend the Salesforce cloud Infrastructure with intelligent sales solutions and enable teams to create more efficient processes to scale faster.

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