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Solvvy Intelligent Self-Service App for Salesforce

Starting at $1,000 USD per company per month Fees are based on tiers of monthly ticket/case volume.



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Effortless Self-Service Delivered by Advanced AI and Machine Learning

Solvvy delivers an effortless and intelligent self-service experience for customers powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence. Companies reduce ticket volume by 15-20% and lower operating costs while improving customer satisfaction.

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Great deflection tool that connects with SFDC!

Solvvy has helped us deflect between ~15% of our cases over the last year. One of our main objectives has been to reduce customer’s effort as they are working on resolving an issue or a question, and we believe that Solvvy’s flow help us achieve this goal.####The flow includes surfacing our Help Center articles based on the customer’s description of their issue, and while Solvvy’s algorithm is great finding the relevant articles, we are also able to improve the Self Serve rate by training the tool ourselves. We do allocate time on a weekly basis to train Solvvy’s, and we see great returns from doing so. ####As part of our Solvvy flow, we are allowing customers to submit a form / web ticket if the articles surfaced did not resolved their issue. We have connected Solvvy's form to our SFDC org and its being working perfectly since day 1. ##The setup required the involvement of Solvvy's technical team and the participation of our SFDC admin, our implementation was smooth and didn't have major issues. We were able to adapt their web form to our own process/SFDC requirements, including the set up several type fields (open text, picklist, email, numeric), set dependancies on our 3-level dropdown menus and allow file attachments. Since this is all custom work, we do need to reach out to the Solvvy team when we need to perform any changes. They have a great technical team that is extremely responsive to our ideas and available to jump into video conferences or engage through email conversations. ####We have also had a great experience working with our Customer Success Manager. She has been extremely responsive, works quickly on our requests & projects and has become a great advisor and partner to us.####Solvvy has become one of our favorite tools in our tech stack, they are easy to work with, and easy to adapt it to our needs and the customer experience that we want to provide. We are looking forward to continue adopting the new features that Solvvy releases.

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