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Valence Native Data Integration

$14,400 USD per company per year Contact for pricing options.

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Integration Orchestration Native in Salesforce

Valence is an integration framework built natively in Salesforce. It radically reduces the time to build integrations between Salesforce and other systems and empowers Admins to be in charge of their own destiny when it comes to data synchronization.

  • Powerful, extensible data integration framework. Architected for Developers, designed for Admins.
  • No middleware server at all. Direct data pipeline between Salesforce and your external systems. Avoid security, compliance, and uptime concerns inherent with middleware services.
  • Gives Admins a data orchestration layer on top of APIs, right in Salesforce. Configure what data should move, where should it go, and when should it go. Get insight into past movement: what happened? when did it happen? how did it go?
You've got headaches from integrating data in Salesforce. We've been there before and we know that pain. Valence is the tool we wanted to use but it didn't exist in the market, so we built it. We built it for you and everyone else that wonders why integrating Salesforce with other systems is so hard.####Precisely crafted from the ground up to be powerful and extensible, it's a proper framework for others to leverage for their own success. Layer on top of that engine a carefully-designed user experience focused on making complex things intuitive, and you've got a gem of a tool that is going to make you wonder how you ever did data integration in Salesforce without it.


  • Optimized for Lightning ExperienceLightning Ready
  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
  • Built 100% on the Lightning Platform, providing reliability and performanceNative App
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Iron / 1.26.1
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Valence App Inc
Honolulu, HI, USA

The Valence team has been doing architecture work on the Salesforce platform for over a decade.####After operating as a Salesforce services and consulting shop doing complex architectures and integrations for quite some time, it became clear that change was needed in the Salesforce integration ecosystem.####Valence was invited to be a member of the very first cohort of the Salesforce Incubator in San Francisco, and used that time and access with Salesforce executives, developers, and architects to create an integration framework which lives natively in the platform and is precision-engineered to dramatically reduce time-to-value when building integrations.####In the spirit of Salesforce producing such powerful tools that are still so simple to use, Valence is empowering admins to control and elucidate their data integrations.####Led by 22 time Salesforce certified industry veteran Chuck Liddell, we're on a mission to democratize data integration and forever change the way integrations are done between Salesforce and external systems.

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