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Agile Cards - Create custom print templates for any purpose




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Enjoy unbounded flexibility to design print templates for any purpose

Agile Cards is an ideal app for both technical and non-technical teams who seek flexibility to create customised printing templates for any purpose. ##After a quick & easy installation, start designing & sharing your custom templates with your team.

  • Flexible####Use any objects within your Salesforce account to design specific print templates for projects, task reports, letters, scrum / kanban board cards... and the list truly goes on.##Your imagination is the only limitation when using this app.
  • Creative####With the intuitive drag & drop design view, you can arrange fields and data as you wish. ##You can also resize fields, arrange front / back layers, adjust field data alignment, tweak font style, size, family for text and labels.
  • Collaborative####Created a template masterpiece for client letters? ##Awesome! Then do the good deed and share it with your teammates, in just 2 clicks.##Keep track of your own shared templates, and those which have been shared with you too.
Agile Cards is an ideal app for both technical and non-technical teams who seek unbounded flexibility to create customised printing templates for any purpose. ##Use the intuitive drag & drop designer to create bespoke print templates for - letters, checklists, scrum / kanban board cards, and the list goes on.####With Agile Cards for Salesforce, you can -####+ Use any object from your Salesforce account to design print templates for any purpose. ##+ Have complete flexibility on print design components such as layout, sizing, font etc##+ Add an accessible print button to your Saleforce tabs - design and print from any view##+ Preview all design changes before you print##+ Share templates with your entire team or organisation######Note: This is a free version of the Agile Cards for Salesforce app.####We are busy working on a more powerful "Pro" version of this product, which will be launched as a paid version. ##We would love to hear your input about what features you would like to have built into the paid version. ##Your feedback will grant us better context to drive the future development of this app to be both feature-rich, and


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited,, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Agile Cards
1.6 / 1.6.0
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Gdańsk, Pomorskie Region, Poland
(PL) +48 58 354 75 99

Hailing from Gdańsk on the Northern Coast of Poland, Spartez is an acclaimed creator of popular apps that are proven to enhance how organisations and their teams plan, deliver and improve. ####We've been delivering software and support to over 3,000 companies around the globe since 2007.####With the growth of our company and network, our apps are far-reaching across other major platforms in the project management ecosystem - such as Atlassian JIRA software, Trello and Microsoft VST / TFS.

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