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Board Action Plan




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Board Engagement in Fundraising

The Board Action Plan allows Nonprofit organizations to work closely with their Board Members to develop a Fundraising plan with concrete actions for each member resulting in greater capacity and revenue.

  • Establish an annual plan for the Board Members to assist in fundraising by leveraging their personal and professional networks. Assign your targets to ensure that the overall goal is met and measure the progress of your plan using Fundraising Metrics.
  • Assign concrete goals to each Board Member and work with them to draw up a set of Action Items and appropriate timelines. Allow your staff to work closely with the Board Members in order to facilitate the various “asks” on behalf of your organization.
  • Review the progress of the fundraising activities and board engagement through various reports and dashboards. Measure progress against the goals and see which Board Member is leading the way!
The Board Action Plan App allows Nonprofits to assign and track fundraising activities related to their Board Members and move towards greater engagement and accountability. As part of Xceede Solutions Inc.’s suite of offerings, the Board Action Plan App is aimed at helping Nonprofits build Sustainable Fundraising Strategies through deeper Board of Directors engagement and involvement in the overall fundraising activities of the organization. This app is native to the Salesforce platform™.


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Board Action Plan
February 2017 / 1.3.0
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Xceede Solutions Inc.
Washington, DC, US

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