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Sales Intelligence
No more BULL, Actionable Insights takes the bull out of your sales forecast and gives sales leaders the insights they need to scale their business. By connecting CRM, Email, Calendaring and call log data, we can tell you which deals are REAL and which deals are BULL.

  • Get realistic pipeline & sales forecasts without the "end of quarter" surprises##Visually identify early warning signs of deal risk with our Smart Selling Meter
  • Real-Time Rep Coaching. Deal-specific guidance to move opportunities through your sales funnel faster. Quickly identify deal risk and coach Reps to success.
  • Insights Into Sales Rep Activities. Visibility into the Reps actual activities tied to your sales process. Predict outcomes Based on Rep Activity. is a AI based Sales Forecasting and Sales Coaching tool. The Most Advanced AI Platform for Sales. Machine Learning and Cognitive Analysis For Your Sales connects directly to Salesforce, Email, Calendaring and Call Log data, can tell you which deals are REAL and which deals are BULL. uses AI to analyze the pipeline and activities of your reps and will coach them through the sales cycle to make sure that deals don't slip.####Get Insights into Sales Rep actual activities tied to your sales process and predict outcomes based on Rep Activity.####Build AI Based Account Plans or Relationship Plans and have the system suggests relationship strategies for each opportunity based on sales rep activities.


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  • Compatible with Professional, Enterprise, Unlimited, Developer, and Performance EditionsProfessional & Up
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Winter 2017 / 2.3.0
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SalesDirector ai
Irvine, CA