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BrightReps Sidekick - Integrations to Arena Solutions and more

$20 USD per user per month $20/user/month provides unlimited access to all integrations and step types



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Focus On Customers, Not Clicks

BrightReps Sidekick™ helps support teams build, organize and use their process flows in a streamlined way. Power your organization's processes with multiple integrations to platforms like Arena Solutions, ShipStation, Shopify, and EasyPost.

  • BrightReps Sidekick makes it easy to set up and access your organization's unique process flows directly from a side-bar on the Salesforce case screen. No swiveling between multiple screens or memorizing process steps.
  • Use Sidekick to manage and document your basic or most complex process flows. You'll enjoy case handling times that are up to 10x faster with our powerful integrations and step linking functionality. You'll also enjoy robust analytics to track usage.
  • Sidekick links your support tools together in one place and allows you to build process flows in real time. This saves time training and on-boarding reps since learning and accessing multiple systems becomes obsolete.
Sidekick sits in your Salesforce instance as a sidebar and is easily configured to accommodate your unique support steps. Link together processes ranging from simple bullet point lists to powerful integrated components that eliminate the need for support reps to access multiple systems and swivel chair across different platforms.## ##A few of the available integrations include -####+ Arena Solutions - the Arena PLM integration makes it possible to generate a quality process record with the click of a button right from the case, get updates as the quality process moves into different steps within Arena, and easily map fields from the case to the quality process record.####+ ShipStation - this powerful integration allows reps to search orders, get shipment statuses, and tracking numbers, and even create shipping labels, all without leaving the case screen.####+ Shopify - integrate with Shopify to create new and replacement orders from your store while updating the case record.####+ EasyPost - search shipment records and automatically populate shipment status in the customer reply.####Check out our app and let us know how we can help with your support processes!


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BrightReps Sidekick
Nov 2017 / 1.2.0
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BrightReps lets you Focus On Customers, Not Clicks.####BrightReps Sidekick™ is available as a Lightning Component and connects reps with your unique processes and tools.####+ Reps on Sidekick receive all the benefits of step-by-step instructions, automation, and integrations right from the case screen. ##+ Admins can build and export process flows, and publish updates in real-time to ensure reps are always working from current processes. ##+ Analytics are always available and include process heatmaps, time-tracking, and rep feedback, allowing you to get the necessary data to continuously improve your processes.

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