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World-Check Customer Risk Screener

Starting at $80 USD per user per month User Licences begin at $80 USD per user per month and the licence cost decreases with increase in number of users. Pricing for access to World-Check content is charged additionally. Please contact us for more details and pricing options.



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Thomson Reuters World-Check Customer Risk Screener

An innovative application from Thomson Reuters enables you to access World-Check® risk intelligence; quickly reveal the risks associated with prospects/customers, leads or accounts.####Contact us:

  • Simplify the Screening Process:##The application is joining the process of turning a prospect into a lead and managing ongoing risk in order to improve your customer experience and enable you to turn prospects into customers quicker.
  • Integrated Workflow:##The application integrates World-Check data into your existing workflow. Perform due diligence checks and ongoing screening from within your opportunity or contact list within Salesforce and keep track of risk remediation.
  • Greater customization and control:##The application enables greater customization and control at name matching level to screen against specific lists or data sets, or specific fields within those data sets.
The Thomson Reuters World-Check Customer Risk Screener application connects your prospect/customer data from Salesforce with Thomson Reuters proprietary World-Check Risk Intelligence helps you to embed and automate KYC checks into existing customer on-boarding and monitoring workflows. Built for single users or large teams, the application allows users to screen and actively monitor individuals or entities; makes remediation quicker and more intelligent, and is adaptable to meet ongoing regulatory changes.####Thomson Reuters World-Check is the world’s trusted and accurate source of Risk Intelligence, which uses intensive research conducted by hundreds of qualified analysts using credible sources of information delivered to your business via partners and platforms. Used by law enforcement agencies, regulators, banks and corporations globally, regionally and locally, World-Check Risk Intelligence supports your Know Your Customer and Third Party Risk compliance processes, helping you meet your regulatory obligations, make informed decisions, and help prevent your business from inadvertently being used to launder the proceeds of crime or association with corrupt business practices.


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World-Check Customer Risk Screener App
Customer Risk Screening App / 1.6.0
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Thomson Reuters
333 Bay Street, ON M5H 2R2 Canada
+1 646 223 4000

Thomson Reuters Corp (Thomson Reuters) is a Canada-based provider of news and information for professional markets.####The Company is organized in three business units: ####Financial & Risk, Legal, and Tax & Accounting. The Financial & Risk unit is a provider of critical news, information and analytics, enabling transactions and connecting communities of trading, investment, financial and corporate professionals. ####The Legal unit is a provider of critical online and print information, decision tools, software and services that support legal, investigation, business and government professionals around the world. ####The Tax & Accounting unit is a provider of integrated tax compliance and accounting information, software and services for professionals in accounting firms, corporations, law firms and government.####The Company also operates Reuters, Global Growth Organization (GGO) and Enterprise Technology & Operations (ET&O). Thomson Reuters operates in over 100 countries.

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