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Lead Info Improvement: Validate, Format (E.164) and Increase Conversion

Inside sales roles focused on lead qualification waste up to 30% of their time on bad lead data. We solve this problem by automatically cleaning up your leads and prospect emails and phone numbers. This leads to better conversion rates.

  • PHONE NUMBERS##Regardless of your prospects locations, your sales teams need accurate contact data. Check validity of your leads phone numbers from nearly 300 countries and territories to ensure you have clean data.
  • INTERNATIONAL FORMAT##Not only we verify the accuracy of prospects phone numbers, but also generate E.164 formatted phone number, so placing calls becomes easy and fast for your sales teams in whatever integrated phone system solution you are using.
  • EMAILS##Your sales teams need to know if a prospect used her corporate, public or temporary/disposable email services for interaction with your company. We fill in this information fully automatically, further saving valuable time of your sales force.
Modern business and digital transformation makes good lead generation strategy absolutely essential to grow your business. However, leads with bad data (incomplete contact information, inaccurate phone number or fake email) are ubiquitous in any industry. Operating this way may lead you to the situation when sales queues contain 15-30% of bad data, and your lead qualification teams are wasting their valuable time trying to dial non-existing numbers or sending messages to incorrect emails. ScoringBar is here to help you.


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Superstring Solutions AG

Superstring Solutions AG is an international team of sales, operations and software professionals, headquartered in Switzerland. In the course of our extensive experience optimizing lead generation, qualification and sales processes we faced a number of challenges, quite similar across different companies. We are committed to solving them in turn, starting with a very specific quick win: optimizing incoming lead flow contact data quality. We are only starting and would love to become long term partners with you to help you on your digital transformation journey!

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