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SmartWinnr: Gamified Learning for Customer-facing Teams

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Drive Performance through Better Knowledge

SmartWinnr is a gamified learning platform that helps customer-facing teams to be at the top of their knowledge curve through regular short quizzes and a Twitter-like feed that sends snackable content. It measures and increases knowledge retention

  • Around 80% of the knowledge gained during training is lost within 90 days. SmartWinnr helps to provide regular reinforcements and increase retention. 
  • Participants can access SmartWinnr's easy and intuitive interface through the Salesforce1 mobile app
  • SmartWinnr increases training effectiveness, while making learning fun and engaging
SmartWinnr is a modern approach to learning. It currently supports thousands of learners. It has been specially designed to work with people in the field - sales teams, customer success teams, and teams who do not have the time or inclination to spend hours in training sessions. ####SmartWinnr focuses on:## Cognitive Science - Automate regular reinforcement of essential information## Gamification - Engage and motivate teams through leaderboards and competitions## Actionable Insights - Correlate knowledge health with performance## ##Use SmartWinnr to:## - Keep sales and customer success teams up-to-date with latest product and services information## - Drive change management like adoption## - Reduce on-boarding time for new employees## - Drive highly engaging training events## ## Features:## - Send bite-sized content along with questions which can be answered in a single click within a minute, through Salesforce1 mobile app## - Highly automated system with minimal intervention from trainers. Quizzes and Feeds can be scheduled, repeated and timed## - Competitions and leaderboards drive engagement and learning


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