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Clutch Loyalty

Starting at $5,000 USD per company per month Pricing will be based on: 1) A license to the Clutch platform itself 2) A separate license with Salesforce Marketing Cloud for the Clutch Loyalty Cloud app including usage in Journey Builder.



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Identify, Understand, Motivate.

Clutch Loyalty powers highly personalized, scalable loyalty programs that leverage real-time and unified customer data from across Salesforce clouds, as well as any third party data system including point of sale.

  • Increase Annual Spend: Loyalty program members spend 26% more annually than non-members
  • Drive Engagement: Engagement on all channels increases by 25% as a result of participation in a loyalty program
  • Impact Purchase Behavior: Purchase frequency increases by 10% for loyalty program participants
Clutch is a market leader in scalable, highly personalized customer loyalty programs. With Clutch Loyalty, all Salesforce customers can take advantage of enterprise level features at a mid-market price. Through unified, real-time customer data, marketers are empowered to act on critical moments in the customer journey, improving the effectiveness of their communication and increasing retention over time.####Now integrated with SFMC and SFMC Journey builder’s drag and drop interface, brands can build and deploy effective loyalty campaigns with new and existing SFMC journeys. Clutch’s deep expertise in loyalty strategy and execution are the foundation for these high-converting programs.####Customer profiles are kept up-to-date with a seamless connection to the Salesforce Marketing Cloud and broader Salesforce ecosystem. Purchases, including basket contents, loyalty and stored value balances and available rewards, segment membership, as well as data science and machine learning analytics including customer scoring and FLV (Future Lifetime Value) provide numerous options for relevant and real-time loyalty engagement.
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