Trailblazer Adam Kramer
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Trailblazer Adam Kramer

Meet the Trailblazer who can transform 15 nonprofits at once.

Adam Kramer Salesforce MVP and Admin, Rand Corporation

Meet Adam

Adam attended Tulane and lives in New Orleans — a good place to wear a costume, he says. Today, two young boys (ages 2 and 4) keep him super busy. Adam loves table top gaming. In fact, if you ever see him at a Salesforce event he'd love to play a game with you.

It means being resourceful. It means being innovative. It means listening to your customers.

I'm passionate about creating positive change in the world and innovating to help other do more good.

What's your vision as a Trailblazer?

I want nonprofits to realize the capabilities, time savings, and efficiencies of Salesforce. People's time, people's money, need to go further at nonprofits than at other institutions.

How did being a Trailblazer change your life?

Unless I wanted to do database stuff forever, I knew I was at the end of my career path at nonprofits. Trailblazing gave me the opportunity to grow and scale and help others because now my impact wouldn't be just one nonprofit but 15 clients at once. It's really enabled my career moving forward.

What advice do you have for Trailblazers?

Back when I was learning Salesforce you had to read release notes and documentation. Today, check out guided trails. They teach you how to do X, Y, to Z. It's easier and more accessible. I mean, it's revolutionary.

What's the scariest moment you've had professionally?

When I was younger, I despised public speaking. I dreaded it for weeks before a presentation. The first time I spoke, it went incredibly well. People came up to me afterwards and said it was so informative, I'm going to use it in my org. Well, that just flipped a switch in me. Now I look forward to speaking.

5 fun things about me

Favorite music: Classic rock

Talent most like to have: Learning languages

Favorite game as a kid: Nintendo

Favorite food: None. Can I just take a pill instead?

3 historical people to have dinner with: David Foster Wallace, Thomas Pynchon, and Don DeLillo.

My Favorite Apps

Nonprofit Success Pack Nonprofit Success Pack Apsona icon Apsona Spanning Backup icon Spanning Backup DemandTools icon Congress KnowWho
Appy with a clipboard