App Guide: Recommended Apps to Grow Your Retail and Commerce Business
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App Guide: Recommended Apps to Grow Your Retail and Commerce Business

Grow your retail business with AppExchange apps that solve common challenges in the retail industry.

Apps to Create a Personalized, Scalable Loyalty Program

Get real-time visibility into your customers' behaviors and incentivize them along the way, not just at the point of sales.

Apps to Provide a Unique In-store Experience

Give your store associates easy access to product and customer data so they can provide helpful recommendations and a seamless checkout.

Apps to Optimize Store and Employee Operations

From scheduling employee meetings to a more intuitive online shopping experience, these apps can help you streamline, automate, personalize, and more.

Employee Ops Apps

Apps to Create a Better Post-Purchase Experience

Easily process and ship orders quickly. Offer one-click tracking, seamless returns, and always keep your customers in the loop.

Post-Purchase Apps

Apps to Deliver Personalized Marketing Experiences

Keep track of customer behaviors and reviews so you can respond with relevant content that will help them convert.

Apps to Drive Higher Content Engagement

Get customers the right information quickly by providing personalized content and synchronized experiences across channels all the way to the help center.

Content Engagement Apps