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Enhance your data strategy with Tableau Accelerators

Get data-driven insights faster than ever before with expert-built, customizable dashboards.

Connect to Salesforce Data

Visualize your Salesforce data quickly with pre-built dashboard templates.

Connect to Data Cloud

Embrace AI + Data + CRM in a whole new way.

Succeed with Tableau Cloud

Transform data into actionable insights with Tableau.

Know Your Business

Visualize your performance and growth to make informed decisions.

Know Your Customers

Get to know your customers to deliver magical moments.

Solutions for Financial Services

Drive customer growth and loyalty with powerful insights.

Solutions for Retail

Personalize your customer experiences with actionable data.

More Industry Solutions

Enhance your data strategy with Accelerators built for your industry.

Get started today!

Learn about how you can jumpstart your analytics strategy with Tableau Accelerators.
How to Use an AcceleratorDrive Business OutcomesStart Your Analytics Journey

Connect with your customers and boost your bottom line with actionable insights.