What is AppExchange?
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What is AppExchange?


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It’s simple, actually. AppExchange is the leading enterprise cloud marketplace. Find proven apps and experts to help you solve business challenges fast and extend your Salesforce Customer 360 from anywhere — across every industry, department, and product. With more than 117,000 customer reviews and 9 million installs, you know you can confidently choose the right solution for your business needs.

Why is AppExchange right for me?

We can think of a ton of reasons why you should use AppExchange. Thousands of satisfied customers already turn to AppExchange to help them solve unique business challenges. But don’t just take our word for it. Check out these numbers:
of the Fortune 100 have 1+ app installed
installs already
of Salesforce customers have 1+ app installed
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From Our Community
“AppExchange can add tremendous value to your org. Whether you’re an admin at a small nonprofit or an architect at a large corporation, there’s an app for you.”
Susannah St-Germain
Susannah St-Germain
Salesforce Architect • Boston Scientific

How can AppExchange help me solve my unique business challenges?

We have apps for all departments, industries, and business use cases. In fact, we recommend you start with our App Guides that will help you zero in on the right apps. Our App Guides highlight customer-favorite apps and are organized by department or industry-specific business pain points.
A stack of app guides.
From Our Community
“Build vs buy? AppExchange pairs me with partners that solve our needs. So we don’t have to build in-house.”
Bill Martinez
Bill Martinez
Director of Sales Operations • TheGuarantors

How can I get started using AppExchange?

Whether you have a specific business use case in mind or are just curious about what’s new: AppExchange meets you where you are. From the homepage, you can navigate to personalized recommendations, curated collections, or our intelligent search experience.

The homepage

Includes log in, featured apps, trending, and top categories

Navigation menu

Tap into category pages, product and industry collections, lots more

The AppExchange listings

Watch demos, take test drives, read descriptions and reviews, view pricing, and more

To learn how to get the most from AppExchange, head to Trailhead.

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