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Marketing Cloud Focused Consultancy

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  • Number of Salesforce-verified projects completed by the consultant Projects Completed 0
  • Number of Salesforce-certified experts employed by the consultant Certified Experts 2
  • Year this company was founded Founded 2015
Let us partner with you and realize the power of SFMC

We are fanatical about Marketing Cloud and its potential for personalized engagement throughout the customer journey. Whether its informational or sales driven journeys we have the expertise to bring your campaign needs to life and realize your goals.


  • In addition to Salesforce Marketing Cloud Certifications all Zigatta Analysts have completed our proprietary training program or worked previously for Salesforce and fully versed in:Data, Automation, Content, Testing/Sends, Journeys, Reports, Admin, etc.
  • Zigatta can provide you with solutions for augmented resources, complete turn-key projects and Managed Services for continued success of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud campaigns.
  • With our ability to blend nearshore and onshore resources we can deliver scale when required, at an agreeable price point and without sacrifice of experience – we become an extension of your Marketing and IT Teams.


The world of marketing is going through a major shift whereby content + engagement + personalization powered by technology is the new formula. Enter in Salesforce Marketing Cloud + Zigatta to guide you through this metamorphosis and unlock the power of digital marketing campaign management with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC). Our methodology focuses on the following tenants to determine where your SFMC journey leads.## ## • Marketing Strategy Formulation/Goals## • KYC - "Know Your Customer"## • Manage the customer journey## • Measure the impact## • User data to drive personalization and loyalty####The day your SFMC implementation is complete is day one in the rest of your marketing life and when the real SFMC journey begins. Anyone can implement but if planning for change is not incorporated at day one failure is not far behind. As campaigns, consumer needs and data change with business need we are there to make sense of it and manage modifications as your business dictates.####Let us partner with you and realize the power of SFMC!

Geographic Focus

United States
International Mexico


English, Spanish

About Zigatta We’re a passionate group of dreamers, doers, and change agents. This healthy obsession is why we challenge conventional thinking – always. At Zigatta we embrace change. We’re a disruptive bunch that takes great pride in adding value by connecting clients with top talent and emerging technologies, while constantly measuring results.####Our passion is focused on providing consultative staffing resources and complete project team solutions across 3 practice areas: [1]Salesforce Marketing Cloud (configuration, on-going campaign maintenance), [2]Sensitive Data Management (Information Governance, Cyber Security), [3]Software Development Agency (creative, contact, prototyping)####With offices in US, Mexico and Argentina we are able to provide the right resources when you need them.

Dallas, TX
(214) 702-2270‬