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Newhouse Project Consulting

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Empower Your Business for Digital Success with Human-Centered Solutions

We're your devoted Salesforce change management partners, experts in transforming businesses. Our mission: Empower enterprises with innovation, ensuring seamless Salesforce adoption, overcoming resistance, and optimizing ROI.


  • Smooth Transitions: Our proven methodologies ensure that organizations transition seamlessly to Salesforce, minimizing disruptions and maximizing productivity.
  • Maximized ROI: By implementing comprehensive change management strategies, we help clients achieve faster and more significant ROI through enhanced productivity and streamlined processes.
  • User Empowerment:Prioritizing user needs, our user-centric training and support empower employees to confidently utilize Salesforce, driving adoption and productivity.


We are your dedicated change management partner for Salesforce implementations, offering expert strategies that transform businesses. Our mission is to empower enterprises with innovation, ensuring smooth Salesforce adoption, overcoming user resistance, and optimizing ROI. ####As a premier change management Salesforce practice, we bring unmatched Salesforce expertise to tailor and integrate your platform to your specific requirements. Our mastery in change management, user-centric ethos, and personalized strategies ensure seamless Salesforce adoption and utilization, setting you up for success.####With Newhouse Project Consulting's Salesforce Partner Practice, your organization gains a partner dedicated to seamless Salesforce implementation and change management. Our expertise empowers your teams, maximizes ROI, and ensures digital success in today's competitive landscape. Choose us and embark on a transformative Salesforce journey.

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About Newhouse Project Consulting Our practice stands out with:####Deep Salesforce Expertise: Comprehensive knowledge of Salesforce's CRM platform.####Change Management Proficiency: Guiding organizations through transitions and driving successful adoption.####User-Centric Approach: Prioritizing users' needs and creating tailored support systems.####Tailored Strategies: Customizing strategies for diverse organizations.####Effective Communication: Addressing stakeholders' concerns throughout implementation.####Ongoing Support: Continuous assistance for continuous improvement.