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UpSkillr - AI Powered, Simulation Salesforce Admin / Business Analyst Training

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  • Year this company was founded Founded 2023
We make Practitioners with our Simulation Experience Architecture

Upskillr is not your standard, out-of-the-box, outdated legacy training! Upskillr creates unique, simulated, real-world scenarios with a level of depth not seen in other training models. In combination with Industry Experts, UpSkill your teams today!


  • The UpSkillr 80/20 Rule isn't just innovative; it's effective. Leveraging "Active Learning" techniques, our students retain more information than those in conventional settings.


UpSkillr Simulation stands out in the tech training landscape by offering a distinctive and valuable experience for participants. Unlike traditional bootcamps that prioritize classroom learning, UpSkillr emphasizes an 80/20 hands-on approach, leveraging advanced AI and a unique coaching system to immerse students in real-world Salesforce roles. This method, backed by the Harvard Study, not only enhances information retention but also equips participants with practical project delivery skills. Furthermore, UpSkillr's simulation encompasses the nuances of remote work, preparing students for the evolving post-COVID work environment, whether it's fully remote, hybrid, or returning to the office. Coupled with a competitive pricing model aimed at supporting marginalized candidates, UpSkillr offers an unparalleled, holistic training experience.

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About UpSkillr, LLC UpSkillr is an AI supported, instructor driven, simulation based training company. We use Active Learning techniques to provide the most real-world experiences available. Participants will go through our Experience Architecture delivering applications and solutions for fictional customers as if they were on a real project utilizing Project Management tools and Agile methodologies to gain the experience needed to be a true Salesforce and Technology Practitioner. ####We support both aspiring individuals as well as private organizations looking to UpSkill existing resources.

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