Salesforce Labs App Guide
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Salesforce Labs App Guide

Your Guide to Salesforce Labs Solutions: Get started faster with free apps, components, and flows.

Explore free, customizable, customer-recommended solutions built by Salesforce employees to help you solve common business challenges.

Find the department and challenge that best match your needs and read the reviews. Once you find an app, or a few, that interest you, just click on the listing to learn more and install it. Happy exploring!

Chapter 1: Measure Sales Performance Can I cut down on repetitive tasks — like sales reports?

Yes! Explore dashboards.

These apps track industry-standard key performance indicators (KPIs) across the entire sales process.

Salesforce CRM Dashboards

“Salesforce CRM Dashboards has several customizable dashboards that can be deployed in just minutes.”
Eduardo Arroyo

Salesforce Activity Dashboards

“Salesforce Activity Dashboards has nice free reports and a dashboard app which show activities on accounts and opportunities. Easy to install.”
Phil Walton

AppExchange Dashboard Pack

“AppExchange Dashboard Pack helps you get started by showing you dashboards other companies use for sales, service, and marketing.”
Buyan Thyagarajan

Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards

“Lead and Opportunity Management Dashboards provided great information immediately and is a good foundation for future reports.”
Deedee Heard

Sales History Advanced Dashboards

“Sales History Advanced Dashboards is a great starting point for creating reports with simple-to-use formulas and filters.”
Layla House

Preconfigured Sales Cloud Dashboards

Preconfigured Sales Cloud dashboards deliver actionable insights to executives, sales managers, sales reps, and other team members.

Nurturing Process

Nurturing Process extends the functionality of lead status. Add steps to guide your sales reps through the different stages of leads.

Time Warp

“Time Warp is one of the best apps to show records on a timeline. Our sales team can now see all customer interactions over time. It's easy to see any repetitive problems.”
Andrew Russo

Chapter 2: Customer Service How do I boost my due diligence into customer needs?

Increase your visibility.

These survey and agent productivity tools help elevate customer satisfaction.

Survey Force

“Survey Force is a great polling app and is really easy to install and customize.”
Mike Lane

Service & Support Dashboards

“Service & Support Dashboards give you an excellent base for your customer service metrics — and then build it from there!”
Jennifer Nelson

Customer Feedback Surveys for Social Customer Service & LiveMessage

Customer Feedback Surveys for Social Customer Service & LiveMessage make it easy to send CSAT or NPS surveys to customers after you resolve their cases.

Chat Live Agent Dashboard

“Chat Live Agent Dashboard is a good introduction to metrics for new chat implementations. The ready-made visualization made it easy to modify.”
Dhara Garg

Preconfigured Service Cloud Dashboards

Preconfigured Service Cloud Dashboards deliver actionable insights about performance and customer experience to executives, service managers, agents, and more.

Escalation Mangement

“Escalation Management is an out-of-the-box solution for the escalation process. Admins and developers can easily improve on it as needed.”
Michal Skuhra

Omni-Channel Performance Dashboard

Omni-Channel Performance Dashboard helps you understand agent productivity and workload so you can provide effective coaching.

Einstein Contact Us Bot

“Fast, effective start point to generate qualified leads. Good starting point to deploy a bot on digital channels. From there it is intuitive to understand the concept behind bots and develop it. And it’s free and easy to install.”
Thomas Thalmeier

Lightning Knowledge Feedback

“Great product. I used this product in my last enterprise-grade engagement and find it really useful to capture feedback along with comments on the knowledge articles, which does not exist as out-of-box possibility. We used it for customer facing as well as internal service agents and it helped gain that level of visibility on the knowledge content, quality, and work towards KPIs. I recommend this product!”
Mohit Chhabra

Lightning Knowledge Search and Replace

“Great app with great UI! The app has all features I'm looking for. I was able to update around 1,000 articles. My use case was to update all smart links with some generic links. This app can help you update the articles that are in published status in a few clicks.”
Venkatesh Mallavarapu

Chapter 3: IT and Admin How do I streamline repetitive tasks?

Automate and get a leg up.

Simplify manual processes with these handy IT and admin apps.

Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

“Salesforce Adoption Dashboards shows who’s logging in and, more importantly, who isn’t. Use it to target users who require a little help.”
Michael Niall

Mass Delete

“I used Mass Delete to clean up 2,000 contacts in less than five minutes. Loved the confirmation message. Could not have been easier!”
Misty Whitney

Graphics Pack

“Graphics Pack is great for UI enhancement with the inclusion of hundreds of images and icons useful in Salesforce applications.”
Ajay Dubedi

Magic Mover for Notes And Attachments to Lightning Experience

“Magic Mover made our migration of 250,000+ custom and standard objects effortless. I can’t imagine how much effort it would have taken without this app!”
Steve Blackwell

Dashboard Pal

“Dashboard Pal is a must-have for any Lightning deployment. It works great and allows users to determine which dashboard greets them at login. Our executives rely on it.”
Candi Bashiri

Schedul-o-matic 9000

“Schedul-o-matic 9000 addressed a critical need to schedule jobs with input parameters. This helped us streamline batch-processing data for different criteria.”
Rajesh Chellamani

Multi-Org Security Summary

Multi-Org Security Summary gives you the ability to manage and support security settings across multiple environments natively on Salesforce.

My Salesforce Trust Monitor

“My Salesforce Trust Monitor makes it convenient to have trust data available without having to pull up another site. It saves me so much time when I'm building out release timelines.”
Jessica Habblett

Streaming Monitor

“This app is your launchpad in streaming APIs. As added benefit — it gives you nice insights in the standard events of Salesforce you can subscribe to (like Batch Execution and Flow Execution error events). No need to scaffold your own monitoring tool, just get started with Ozil's Streaming API Monitor app.”
Jeroen Burgers

MFA Dashboard

“So easy now to track 2FA activities in our org. The two-factor reports and dashboard in Lightning Experience look great. Security features never looked so good!”
Itzik Koren

Chapter 4: Collaboration Is there a way to oversee the scope of huge projects?

Keep it simple.

These apps can take complex projects and simplify them, letting you stay focused and meet deadlines.

Agile Accelerator

“Agile Accelerator helped our scrum teams cope better with changing requirements and provided better project estimates.”
Geert Volkers

Milestones PM — Project and Task Management

“Milestones improved our tracking of what we worked on, the time and effort involved, and our ability to stay focused and meet deadlines.”
Jacquelyn Collett


“JabberJaw is an amazing tool. It provides lots of features, including encryption for Chatter posts. It's definitely a great tool and I look forward to using it daily.”
Sachin Chaudhari

Scheduler Live App for Quip

Scheduler Live App for Quip allows everyone to collaboratively propose, vote, and choose the best time to meet in seconds.


Matchbox is a multipurpose utility that matches people to any kind of limited resource such as virtual networking events, projects, or even other people.

Kickboard: Digital Transformation

Learn to swim in the digital world. Digital transformation is tough and even tougher without the right devices. Kickboard is that device. It won't solve digital transformation, but it will guide you to think through problems, opportunities, and next steps using design thinking.

Chapter 5: Human Resources Is there a better way to track the progress of my employees?

These apps make it easy.

Create an awesome HR experience with apps that track employee progress and location, and even roll out training.

Employee Manager

“Employee Manager is great for tracking where my staff is, who is current, and keeping a history if we rehire someone for a different site.”
Louise Cobbett


“myV2MOM allows us to define and publish how we will reach our vision with specific, measurable actions applied to each of our values.”
Geraldine Gray

Trail Tracker - by Trailhead

“Trailhead Tracker tracks the progress and the badges within Salesforce, and goes to the modules with the link embedded. Great app!”
Samantha Hsu

Org Chart — Lightning Ready

“Org-Chart — Lightning Ready is a simple app that shows user-related connections between users without much setup. It’s easy to add to page layouts.”
Dustin Norman

Recruiting App

“Recruiting App provides a basic framework for tracking open jobs and candidate information, including work experience, preferences, and comments from interviewers.”
Ajay Dubedi

In App Guidance Walkthroughs: Boost Sales User Productivity in Lightning Experience

“In-App Guidance is incredibly powerful. It feels more like it's unlocking standard functionality within Salesforce. It's solid work and should become part of your standard toolkit.”
Alexis Kasperavičius

All Onboard Starter Pack

“More than meets the eye, this is so much more than just an onboarding flow. This is a fully featured flow that works authenticated and unauthenticated, with secure 2FA access. It has so many uses, you could use this to simplify engagement and onboarding of customers, users, identity checks. It’s super flexible, and the many individual components are super valuable on their own.”
Michael Lowe

myTrailhead Community Components

These components help surface the badge, trail, and trailmix metadata and allow single sign-on to the myTrailhead portal for your partners and customers.

Chapter 6: Components How do I kickstart my app building process?

Just drag and drop.

Salesforce Labs components are responsive, reusable building blocks for creating apps and customizing pages in Lightning App Builder.

CMTD Enhanced Related List

Boost your Lightning implementation with CMTD Enhanced Related List.

Any Record Hierarchy

Any Record Hierarchy is fully native, highly customizable, interactive component that shows the hierarchy of any given record in Salesforce.
Data Visualization

Lightning Mockup Components

Lightning Mockup Components helps you and your customers quickly envision what the Lightning experience could be by whiteboarding Salesforce layouts.

Lightning File Explorer

Lightning File Explorer helps you create and view a hierarchy of your files associated with a record.

Lightning Messaging Utility

Lightning Messaging Utility gives you the tools you need to build and deliver clean and consistent messages to your users.

Home Child Kanban

Drag and drop any record, anywhere. A fully native and highly customizable drag-and-drop kanban view that can be configured for any related lists and home pages.

Chapter 7: Flows How can I automate faster?

Flows are the answer.

Download configurable prebuilt business processes with flow templates and install stand-alone building blocks with flow actions.

Flow Magic — Picklists

“With Flow Magic — Picklists, my flows look unbelievable. I no longer have to write custom components where I want a visual interaction with my end user. It's super simple to set up.”
Michael Lowe

Flow Video Player & File Viewer

“We are using the File Viewer which allows us to create a file in the flow and then the user can preview it before submitting. Works great!”
Christy Braaten

Launch Flow in Modal

“Launch Flow in Modal makes launching flows so flexible. Easily solves a lot of business requirements.”
Bill Wu

Lightning Flow Sample Pack

“Lighnting Flow Sample Pack is a really good starting point for those who want to learn how to use flow and would like some ideas on the different capabilities there are.”
Andrew Cook

Adding Multiple Related Records

“Adding Multiple Related Records was really handy as a starting point for the flow that I had to build. For displaying the records I was able to use a Lightning Component table to present the records with more information than just the record set list.”
Anita Hedges

Business Time

“Business Time was exactly what we needed in order to ensure automated tasks that were generated with due dates on business dates. Highly recommended.”
Christy Verity

Dynamic Flow Progress

“Very helpful. The solution is very flexible and easy to implement. It extends the screen flows to a more professional and clearly arranged look.”
Roger Boungou

Consent Capture

“Consent Capture is a great component. Finally we have a proper consent management system in Salesforce. It's great to have this flow with Lightning Components to utilize the new consent objects in Salesforce.”
Roy Rusten