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15 AppExchange Apps Featured In New Ebook

Small business leaders need to find new ways to help their organizations run more smoothly and ramp up—fast. There’s ever-evolving technology to assist you and help streamline your day. That’s why Salesforce recently wrote an ebook about it, 30 Apps For Small Businesses, which includes research conducted with small businesses, as well as sourcing from AppExchange, to select 30 apps to help small businesses grow faster than ever before.

While this ebook has a wide range of technology, read on to learn about the AppExchange apps featured in this exciting  guide.

1. CalendarAnything by Silverline
Both Gmail and Outlook have great calendar functions, so make sure you’re using them to the fullest. CalendarAnything by Silverline is a highly customizable tool that allows you to schedule and manage marketing campaigns, plan projects, and more.

2. Evernote
No matter your industry, you need to take copious notes on various projects. But keeping track of all those notes is a nightmare if you’re still using pen and paper. Save time by switching to an application. Evernote is perfect for its simplicity. An iPad or other tablet is perfectly sized for note taking, and if you prefer handwriting to typing you can use a stylus. The best part of electronic notes is that they are searchable (even the handwritten ones), eliminating the need for elaborate filing systems. Check out Evernote for Salesforce, and link notes, documents, and files from Evernote to your Salesforce records. Use it individually or share the intel with your team.

3. Qualtrics
Jennifer Burton with CloudDoor recommends using a survey to get more information from customers after a sale. “If someone is a first-time buyer and you’re trying to upsell them, you could use it to get information to support that second sale,” she said. Try Qualtrics, which allows you to create and send surveys out of Salesforce, and even to trigger automatic surveys based on Salesforce rules.

4. GoToMeeting
GoToMeeting’s voice-over-internet protocol (VOIP) technology can be used for calls, screen sharing, and video conferencing. The ability to switch smoothly between VOIP and phone is also a helpful feature. You can integrate GoToMeeting with Salesforce via the GoToMeeting Integration app, available on AppExchange.

5. LiveChat
This app, available on AppExchange, is ideal for ecommerce businesses. Customers can chat with a representative online, and the data from the chat can be rolled into your CRM. If you structure your LiveChat in a proactive way, you can even use this app to generate more leads.

6. TaskRay
So you closed the sale. Now what? Get your customer up and running with TaskRay, an automated project management app built on Salesforce App Cloud and available on AppExchange. Use TaskRay’s project templates and automation to create a top-notch post-sale experience for all of your customers.

7. Smart-Mass-Update
Organize large, complex projects, track your to-do lists, and more with the Smart-Mass-Update app, available on AppExchange.

8. MilestonesPM
Need an app that makes it easier to plan out projects, make and assign task lists, and collaborate? Try MilestonesPM, which comes with automatic reminders, built in calendar functionality for logging time, and even integrates with your email.

9. Conga Composer
Conga Composer lets you easily pull in data from Salesforce to quickly create and deliver client-ready proposals, account plans, invoices, quotes, contracts, reports, and more. “It’s a great way to create a really impressive-looking quote or proposal,” says a business leader in the ebook.

10. Sage Live
Sage Live connects your CRM, accounting, and financial data all in one place, eliminating hours of having to pull, clean, and compile data. Plus, with mobile access, you can get your accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll tasks done anywhere, anytime.

11. DocuSign
Say goodbye forever to scanning, faxing, or trucking down in person to pick up a hard-copy signature. DocuSign lets anyone send, review, sign, and submit documents from any device, making life easier for both your customers and your sales team.

12. Concur
Concur Small Businesses is a travel, expense, and invoice management tool that lets you book flights, capture receipts, and submit expenses right from your phone. With the Concur Connector on AppExchange, you can even link your existing Concur accounts with Salesforce.

13. Professional Services Automation
The Professional Services Automation app lets your professional services team track expenses, manage projects, and enter billable time on the go.

14. Done
Done is the ultimate to-do list app. Auto-create, find, filter, sort, assign, edit, delete, discuss — whatever you need to do to complete your tasks, this app helps you do it better.

15. Workato
With Workato, you can connect Salesforce to a whole range of other apps without needing to hire a developer or involve IT. Thanks to pre-built connections, you can sync your applications with just a few clicks. Burton, for instance, uses QuickBooks Integration by Workato to connect Salesforce to QuickBooks. Now, once a deal closes, the data is seamlessly transferred to QuickBooks for invoicing.

The right apps can do a lot. They can eliminate frustrating tasks and automate processes to make your days easier and more productive. They can even help your business grow faster. So start small, experiment, and see which apps work best for you in this new ebook.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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