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Learn about the Latest Search Filter Enhancements

Experienced admins know that gathering Salesforce project requirements is part art, part science. No matter your approach, your requirements aren’t complete until you answer these questions.

  • What pain points or challenges am I solving?
  • What industries, departments, or functions are involved?
  • Who are the key stakeholders?

This framework is helpful because it provides a more complete picture of the problem you’re solving. Now, you can apply a similar framework to AppExchange searches using new filters for business need, industry, and job role. At the top of the filter panel, a new Quick Find box helps you discover filters with fewer clicks.

Find Filters Quickly

After you perform a keyword search, use the filter panel’s Quick Find box (1) to locate filters of interest. For example, enter Marketing to quickly find and apply the Marketing Cloud filter (2).


Filter by Business Need

Use business need filters (1) to find solutions that help your team accomplish specific goals or tasks. To see a wider selection of results, select a broad business need, such as marketing. To explore more narrow use cases, expand the category. For example, apply the Loyalty (2) filter to find solutions that integrate data from your customer loyalty program into Salesforce.


Filter by Industry

Use industry filters (1) to find solutions that are designed to solve challenges in a particular industry. For example, apply the Education filter to identify solutions made for higher ed, such as those that help admissions staff manage student applications.


Filter by Job Role / Type

Use Job Type / Role filters (1) to find solutions tailored for your role or the roles of team members. For example, apply the Developer filter to identify solutions for team members who build integrations or customize Salesforce with code.


Amanda Backer is Senior Director of Digital Strategy at Salesforce
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