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Get Ready for the AppExchange Job Marketplace Retirement

The AppExchange Job Marketplace is retiring. Learn about the retirement and steps to take if you’re a hiring manager or job seeker.

When does the AppExchange Job Marketplace retire?

The AppExchange Job Marketplace retires on January 24, 2024.

Why is the AppExchange Job Marketplace being retired?

On December 14, 2023, Salesforce launched Trailblazer Career Marketplace, the premier hub for Trailblazers and employers in the Salesforce ecosystem. If you’re a job seeker, explore the Trailblazer Career Marketplace to find your next role and connect directly with employers.

At launch, only Salesforce partners can share job opportunities on the Trailblazer Career Marketplace. We're working hard to open access to all Trailblazers soon.

What happens after the AppExchange Job Marketplace retires?

After January 24, 2024, job postings and developer profiles aren’t available on AppExchange, and these pages direct you to the Trailblazer Career Marketplace.

What steps do I take before the AppExchange Job Marketplace retires?

If you’re a hiring manager, review your job postings and decide if there’s any content that you want to retain. To retain the content, copy it from the job posting and paste it to a document on your device.

If you’re a job seeker, there are no specific actions to take. Your developer profile on AppExchange links to your Trailblazer profile. Your Trailblazer profile isn’t affected by the retirement.

I’m in. How do I get started on the Career Marketplace?

Log in to the Trailblazer Career Marketplace with your Trailblazer account. If you don’t have a Trailblazer account, sign up for one for free.

The first time that you log in to Trailblazer Career Marketplace, you’re prompted to set up Career Mode. Career Mode is a view of your Trailblazer profile that’s visible to employers only in the Trailblazer Career Marketplace. From here, you can showcase your work history, motivators, projects, and a video introduction. Think of it as an extension of your Salesforce resume.

To learn more, see the Trailblazer Career Marketplace FAQ on Trailhead Help.

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