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5 Ways AppExchange Apps Can Enhance the Customer Experience

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Customer service is a vital component of the customer journey — one that simply cannot be overlooked. Unfortunately, today’s businesses have one big problem: a lack of insight into the customer experience. This lack of insight is impacting brand loyalty and driving down the bottom line.

Here’s the good news: Resources exist that can help organizations just like yours bridge that customer service gap! Whether you’re looking to create a more seamless approach, meet customers where they are or develop a culture of customer appreciation, the following tips and AppExchange partner apps can help you take your customer experience to the next level.

Have a Seamless Approach
The bar has been raised by not just your competition, but by other companies that might not even be in the same industry. Customers know what’s possible, and today they’re quick to apply that standard to every company they interact with. If they sense that you might not be able to deliver on that expectation, they’re likely to move on to someone who can.

That’s why, whenever possible, it’s a good idea to remove friction from the customer experience. Streamlining the buying process with tools like Adyen allows customers to pay wherever and however they prefer.

Another way to improve the customer experience is with a contact center directly integrated into Salesforce — bringing together the advantages of voice, AI, digital channels, and CRM data within Service Cloud. Vonage allows you to do just that.

Meet Customers Where They Are
What sort of actions can you take to strengthen the customer experience? It all boils down to better communication and stronger relationships, which happens when you meet customers where they are.

Many of the world’s top companies have enhanced customer communications by switching to 360 SMS for triggered messaging and to more effectively process incoming responses and survey data.

Sometimes, being able to provide proper support requires a better understanding of what issues a customer is having. With Glance, agents are able to virtually meet customers in any digital property to cobrowse, screen share, and provide live video chat assistance.

Value Customer Feedback
Too many organizations lose touch with customers once a transaction has occurred. But, proper post-transaction follow-up steps contribute to brand loyalty and customer happiness. It all circles back to the ever-important process of collecting (and implementing) customer feedback.

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard of SurveyMonkey. SurveyMonkey for Salesforce, however, allows you to connect survey data with Salesforce for even more super-charged insights. Once key prescribed interactions have taken place, you can then automatically send surveys out within seconds, to enrich future customer experiences and determine ways to improve your standing in the marketplace.

Create Moments of Appreciation
Do customers know how much you appreciate their business? After all, they’re aware that your competition would have been happy to sell them a different product or service. How do you reward the decision to go with your company, and how can you increase the likelihood of repeat business? With effective communication strategies, that’s how.

Send360 allows you to send direct mail, gifts, and kits with the press of a button. Or, consider the impact an app like Handwrytten can have on customer relationships. Handwrytten allows you to send thank you notes, gift cards, birthday cards, and other well wishes to customers and clients, all fully integrated with Salesforce.

Know What's Happening in the Field
Being in control of situations at the office is one thing; being able to resolve issues in the field is another thing entirely. Youreka utilizes an array of mobile forms, guided assessments, inspections, and advanced mobile technology to enable field service success. Bonus: It works either online or offline and across a number of key industries.

Let’s Get to Work
Ready to see for yourself the impact that enhanced customer relationships can have on your own organization’s success? Your first step is to identify which tools can elevate the level of service you’re currently providing, and then determine how and when to put those valuable tools to work. Your customers are counting on it.

Discover even more customer service apps on our Service Cloud collection page.
Lauren Gaskill is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Salesforce.
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