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4 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

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How well do you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your sales processes? It’s important to know where improvements can be made — both internally and for your customers.

Sales performance can be impacted by a number of factors: marketplace insights, investments into the workforce, a willingness to embrace new technologies and perspectives, and an ability to improve efficiency whenever possible.

Fortunately, AppExchange partners offer a number of apps that can set your team up for success, no matter what challenges come your way.

4 Ways to Improve Sales Performance

To improve your own organization’s sales performance, consider the following:

1. Grow Your Average Sale

Lead routing is an effective way to streamline processes while ensuring that each new lead gets to the right person at the right time. Looking for a flexible, no-code solution to match and route leads to accounts within Salesforce? Look no further than Complete Leads, which allows users to unify customer data for efficient lead assignment and more conversions. 

It’s also helpful to quickly prioritize and distribute prospects to the right rep, at the right time — Velocify Pulse allows you to do just that.

2. Educate and Celebrate Reps

Without keeping an eye on maintaining quality staff, organizations risk costly turnover and underperformance issues. It can be difficult to navigate the sea of resources that allow you to invest in your greatest resource – sales reps – but Brainshark leads the pack with training, coaching, content, and analytics tools that lead to more informed reps and better sales conversations. 

You can also boost sales team motivation and help them hit KPIs with award-winning Spinify, the only platform to use GPT AI.

3. Enhance Efficiencies with the Power of AI

Ready to embrace AI? Your competition is already doing so! Conversica uses cutting-edge tech to help you better understand and manage customer journeys across email, SMS, or enterprise-ready GPT chat; it also easily integrates with CRM, MAP, B2B Commerce Lightning, and Auto Cloud. 

It’s also important to equip sellers with the resources they’ll need to meet customers at every point of engagement with patented AI processes, and Highspot AI provides that ability. Additionally, Groove offers a handful of AI-assisted tools, including multi-channel campaign automation, automatic contact capture, integration with Salesforce and LinkedIn, call log management, and revenue intelligence.

4. Simplify & Organize Data 

The amount of data and information today can be overwhelming, and it can use up resources that could be more effectively used elsewhere. Here are a few products to help make your data management a bit more… well, manageable. LeanData allows you to build, track, and manage complex workflows on the fly. The best part? It also offers code-free automation — completely customizable to your own unique growth objectives.

Do you struggle to securely add document and records management to content, especially when sharing throughout an organization? You won’t be alone but worry no more with OpenText, which is an enterprise solution for sharing, controlling, and managing documents and content within Salesforce.

AppExchange Apps Can Help You Hit Your Goals 

The world of business is changing, and data is more important than ever; of equal importance are the sales reps at the heart of your company’s plans for success. Thankfully, Salesforce partner apps are keeping pace with our tech-centric world, bringing affordable and easy-to-implement solutions within reach.

Ready to learn more? Explore our Sales Cloud Collection Page to discover more apps that can help you improve sales performance.  
Lauren Gaskill is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Salesforce.
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