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9 Apps to Help You Reimagine Your Customer Experience

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The clunky customer experience is something not just every shopper fears, but every salesperson dreads. That's because they know the opportunity is gone the moment someone clicks away because the process becomes too cumbersome. 

No matter the company size, industry, or business challenge, partner apps and experts help businesses connect to customers. So don’t reinvent the wheel, reimagine it! Here are nine solutions on AppExchange to help you sell smoother to every customer, every time. 

NICE CXone Agent for Salesforce provides a call center solution in the cloud to help unify the agent experience within the Sales and Service Cloud. This app can also increase agent efficiency while improving customer experience with the CTI leader, and leverage customer data to optimize interaction routing. 
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Five9 for Service Cloud Voice BYOT combines the power of Five9 telephony seamlessly within the Salesforce Omni-channel widget to provide a single, intuitive user interface to capture every customer interaction. In addition, this solution leverages AI technology to help deliver intuitive answers to common questions and solve customer problems.
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Deliver exceptional agent and customer experiences with a fully integrated Salesforce and contact center solution that seamlessly unifies voice, AI, digital channels, and CRM data within Service Cloud. Vonage performs intelligent routing of calls, emails, chats, social, and SOS requests to the appropriate agent using powerful business logic to create a consistent CX.
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With Glance, one click in Salesforce lets agents join customers in any digital property. Personal connections via co-browse, screen share, and live video chat help improve customer satisfaction, enhance relationships, and accelerate revenue opportunities. This app also allows customers to connect instantly with an agent using any browser, OS, or device.
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Gainsight’s innovative technology helps companies prevent churn by identifying at-risk customers, creating systematic processes to mitigate concerns, and efficiently ramping up engagement efforts. In addition, this app offers a powerful set of solutions focused on customer success, product experience, revenue optimization, and customer data. 
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Case Flags by Vicasso
Are your customers waiting longer than you want? Improve your team’s response time and automatically prioritize agent workload with Case Flags. This solution also helps you gain greater visibility, improve overall responsiveness, eliminate case neglect, prevent SLA violations, and includes pre-built dashboards and reports. 
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SMS-Magic is an established customer messaging solution that was built specifically for brands that care. This app works natively to enable consent-based business-to-person messaging for high-touch and multichannel customer engagement at scale and serves customers on messaging apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and text integration for Salesforce.
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Escalate any conversation to a video call, so your team sees what your customer, technician, or patient sees, using SightCall’s robust toolset and AR features. This solution gives users the ability to diagnose their customer issues remotely, allowing for major cost savings across a breadth of industries and organizations.
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Dialpad brings AI-powered workflows, powerful native calling, and real-time customer intelligence to Salesforce so your team can focus on driving more sales and improving customer satisfaction. This app helps connect sellers to the right information in real-time and delivers objection handling, live recommendations, and scripts with cloud-based integration.
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Transform Your Customer Experience with AI
If you’re looking to reimagine your customer experience and simplify your path to success, AI and data technology have the power to transform businesses, change the sales process, and build a better customer experience. 

Put data at the center to grow your business faster with certified consultant expertise and proven apps. Get started HERE.
Amanda Matlock is a Content Writer at Salesforce AppExchange.
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