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30 Days of Appyness

The AppExchange community has a vast knowledge of apps, components, ideas, tips, and Salesforce. Partners are building apps and creating content around it. Salesforce MVPs are answering questions in the Success Community, writing app reviews, and sitting on AppExchange panels. More recently, we curated a list of AppExchange All Stars, who are customer trailblazers heavily involved in AppExchange, whether through interviews in ebooks, speaking at our event sessions, or talking about apps in the Success Community and reviewing apps.  

We celebrate these AppExchange aficionados, and encourage you to meet 30 of them during 30 Days of Appyness running March through May. For even more, follow along on Twitter at #30daysofappyness.
Day 1. AppExchange All Star Nicole Cisz says, "Go to the AppExchange. The Success Communities are also a great place if you want to find others using the same app and their experience."
Day 2.  Salesforce MVP Jeff Grosse hosts a Demo Jam on sales apps, where Kenandy, DocSign, SpringCM, Brainshark, Velocify, and Datahug battled it out with the best three-minute demo. 
Day 3. Rob Jacques, Product Manager at Codescience, writes about an incredible keynote at SaaStr Annual with Veeva in this post
Day 4. AppExchange All Star Michelle Seufert says, "AppExchange reviews are helpful because they show both positive and negative, so you can see if the app will be a good fit for what you need. The provider of the app will sometimes answer reviews so you can also see real-time support and get an understanding if issues will be fixed."
Day 5. Salesforce MVP Jodi Wagner writes about being a part of some incredible events, including involvement in panels and meeting some inspiring people in this post.
Day 6. AppExchange All Star Brenda Gonzalez reminds us to "always read AppExchange reviews!" 
Day 7. AppExchange All Star Larry Miller says, "The Success Community and User Groups help to find apps. The reviews provide candid and relevant feedback, and the details tab on each app alerts you to any potential requirements or pitfalls."
Day 8. Salesforce Partner Bob Marsh of LevelEleven highlights some of the key benefits to being a part of the Salesforce ecosystem in this post.
Day 9. Salesforce MVP Joshua Hoskins is a Jaipur Dev Fest 2017 keynote speaker. 
Day 10. Yeva Roberts of PFL wrote, "Just because we have the data doesn’t mean it’s okay for us to use it to address someone on the envelope." Read more about what her 83-year-old Babushka can teach us about marketing in this post.
Day 11. AppExchange All Star Thea Leisen says, "Start with the free apps. Always install in the sandbox first and TEST, TEST, TEST!"
Day 12.  Salesforce MVP Phil Weinmeister covers point and click development at Snowforce '17.
Day 14. AppExchange All Star Carrie Philipp says, " Always check the AppExchange first."
Day 15. Timetrade writes a post on the top 50 sales management tools on AppExchange.
Day 16. AppExchange App Star Emily Tam says, " Most of the companies on the AppExchange offer fantastic support, even if their app is free. Ask for help if you need it!"
Day 17. AppExchange All Star Travis Jhen says, "The best companies put out great blogs and content about what they are doing, and they aren't afraid to go in depth with specifics. This allows you to search first by your business case or problem you are trying to solve, then get expert recommendations about the tech to solve those problems."
Day 18. AppExchange partner Rachel Illingworth writes about Appirio's 10 Favorite Apps On The Salesforce AppExchange.
Day 19. Salesforce partner Doug Rybacki from Conga writes about finding a balance of solutions to optimize the quote-to-cash workflows.
Day 20. AppExchange All Star Guillermo Pedroni says, "Look at AppExchange user feedback, user reviews, and ask your local user groups about personal experience with each app."
Day 21. Salesforce MVP Geraldine Gray tweets, "Times are changing when your tech becomes a verb, as in, 'I’ll @DocuSign that to you right now.'"
Day 22. AppExchange partner Mark Woollen of Radius writes about building the future of AI with data quality.
Day 23. AppExchange All Star Erin Petersen says, " I use a blend of scouring the AppExchange and speaking to other users (through the Success Community, SFDC User Groups, industry events, etc.) to find the best apps."
Day 24. AppExchange All Star Erica Champine says to  review the AppExchange comments.
Day 25. Salesforce MVP Jason Lawrence hosted the Demo Jam at Salesforce World Tour Sydney.
Day 26. AppExchange All Star Stephanie Dorman says, " Be specific in your AppExchange search, use the filters, and look for recommendations." 
Day 27. Salesforce MVP Kristi Guzman planned Southeast Dreamin, including an AppExchange Demo Jam.
Day 28. AppExchange All Star Joey Len likes to use the search tool on AppExchange. " Always be searching. Things are added all the time, and just because what you need isn't there today doesn't mean it won't be there tomorrow."
Day 29. Salesforce Partner Molly Walsh of CodeScience answers this question: "Integrate (or not) with Salesforce? The answer: do it and do it quickly." Check out the post.
Day 30. AppExchange All Star Mark Graham says, "Only use apps based on the core needs of your organization."
Learn more about Appy, your guide for all things apps and the inspiration behind 30 Days of Appyness, at meetappy.com.
Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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