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6 Apps For Every Area Of Your Business

You might hear about apps for sales or apps for finance, but what about apps working together to cover your entire business? It’s important to get a holistic picture of your tech stack, and ensure your apps are as connected and communicative as the people at your company.

Here’s a look at six apps that connect to Salesforce (in fact, many are built on the Salesforce platform), and span the back office and front office. These apps ensure each department and process is streamlined, from that initial outreach to a prospect, to closing the deal, to customer service going forward.

1. GeoFluent: Customer Service

GeoFluent is a real-time translation solution that allows Live Agent users to easily add multilingual capabilities to their existing application. This enables brands to communicate with any customer using existing agents - eliminating language barriers.

2. Kenandy

Kenandy is an end-to-end ERP system natively built on the App Cloud. Kenandy automates all of your core business processes: order-to-cash, manufacturing, supply chain, global financials, and distribution.

3. Mogli SMS by Tact

Mogli SMS is a native texting app that can expand your global reach in real time. Send and receive SMS text messages to Salesforce contacts and leads, locally and around the world.

4. Rootstock End-to-End Cloud ERP

Rootstock's enterprise resource planning solution elevates operational performance and controls costs with production control inventory tracking and project management for mid-market to large manufacturers, distributors, and supply chains.

5. Sage Live

Bringing accounting and finances to the App Cloud, Sage Live provides business insight by combining sales, accounting, financial, and operational perspectives into a single connected office in the cloud. Save time, eliminate errors, and get a complete view of your customers.

6. Tavant Warranty On-Demand (TWOD)

This native warranty management app built on the Salesforce  platform enables closed-loop warranty management, helping clients reduce warranty costs, increase supplier recovery, and improve customer interaction.


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Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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