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Appy Recommends 24 Free AppExchange Apps

Salesforce Labs apps are free, customizable apps built by Salesforce employees. They solve common pain points for specific departments, and address business challenges. With over 300 Salesforce Labs apps in inventory, it may be tough to zero in on the right apps for you, so here's a look at 24 of them. For more, get the Salesforce Labs Apps Guide or check out the Salesforce Labs page. Happy exploring! 

Free Sales Apps

Reports and Dashboards help you visualize key business metrics.

1. Salesforce CRM Dashboards

Customize dashboards and deploy in just minutes.

2. Sales Activity Dashboards

Free reports and a dashboard to see activities on accounts and opportunities.

3. AppExchange Dashboard Pack

See other companies' sales, service, and marketing dashboards.

Customer Service Apps

Surveys and agent productivity tools help elevate customer satisfaction.

4. Survey Force

Customizable polling app in Salesforce.

5. Case Age in Business Hours

Calculate the true business hours for both your company and your client.

6. Service and Support Dashboards

Dashboards for your customer service metrics.

IT And Admin

Developer and admin tools help boost employee productivity.

7. Salesforce Adoption Dashboards

See who is logging in to Salesforce and, more importantly, who isn’t. Use it to target users who require a little help.

8. Graphics Pack

UI enhancement app with hundreds of images and icons useful in Salesforce applications.

9. Mass Update & Mass Edit from List View

Update or edit multiple records at a time and configures custom objects.

10. Mass Delete

Clean up thousands of contacts in minutes. 


Project management tools help in project initiation, planning, and execution.

11. Chatter Influence

Assists with key issue resolutions, recording the object history, and more in Chatter.

12. Agile Accelerator

The same agile app that Salesforce uses.

13. Milestones PM

Project management in Salesforce.


Human Resource Tools help employees reach their full potential.

14. Trailhead Tracker

Tracks employee progress and badges of Trailhead within Salesforce.

15. Almond Learning Management

Quickly roll out training and track user progress.

16. Employee Manager

Track your staff, including hires, rehires, retirement and more.

Salesforce Labs Components

Just like Salesforce Labs Apps, these components are free and built by Salesforce employees. They’re responsive, reusable building blocks for creating apps and customizing pages in Lightning App Builder.

17.  Lightning Carousel and Banner

Highlight key information with carousel, image, and video banners.

18. Hierarchy

Create interactive, visual representations of hierarchical Salesforce data.

19. Lightning Tree

Create a multi-level, mobile friendly tree that’s configurable.

20. Profile Picture Changer

Update your Chatter profile picture and status with a simple click.

21. Language Switcher

Work more comfortably in a multi-language environment.

22. RSS Viewer

Stay up-to-date on information about any topic.

23. Follow Anything

Follow a friend’s UserProfile feed or feed from Accounts, Cases, or Topics.

24. I Follow

Quickly access the latest records followed by a user in Chatter.Learn more tips, insights and app details in the Salesforce Labs Apps Guide and see all 300+ Labs apps here

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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