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7 Frequently Asked Sales Questions Answered

Much like your first time venturing to a new place, or finding you way in a sales promotion, navigating the landscape of technology for sales success can be a brave new adventure.  The good news is you’re not alone. Sales jobs will continue to rise, with two million new sales jobs by 2020, according to reports by CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. Therefore, there’s a constant need for technology that solves common challenges, and answers common questions.

Here are the answers to six of our most frequently asked questions in sales, as shared in a recent app guide. Happy exploring.

1. Can I be smarter about approaching prospects?

Yes. Approaching a prospect — whether revisiting them after two months or making a cold call — is a challenge. But where there’s a will, there’s a way. Choose sales technology that enables you to prospect for new accounts, and even schedule meetings, all within your CRM. You’ll stop flipping back and forth between windows and tabs, which only distracts you and wastes time.

Tip: Show genuine interest in prospects. Be their friend.

2. How can I ensure the right lead goes to the right rep?

Try lead management. After refining your internal lead process, automating the lead assignment process enables you to stop worrying and start closing.When a lead is assigned to the right rep, the right selling takes place, and the deal gets closed. Lead management apps provide visibility to identify your most successful lead sources, which also helps get the most out of those struggling leads.

Tip: Act fast. An online lead can go cold in as little as 90 minutes.

3. Is there a smarter way to management my territories?

You can with geodata. By applying a geographical lenson Salesforce data, your team optimizes territory management — and their sales activities get more targeted. Streamline your territories for efficiency, while getting a graphical representation of your metrics. Your sales team will be able to visualize their territories and derive actionable insights.

Tip: Assign territories to reps basedon common interests.

4. How do you reduce time generating proposals and reports?

Automated documentation generation puts an end to writing documents from scratch and manually editing text and fonts. With document generation apps, you can standardize and templatize your collateral, with logic rules and proper controls to scale up and move your administrative process forward.

Tip: When searching for apps, check for legal compliance.

5. How do I enable my sales team with the latest information?

Salespeople like getting content wherever they are — on any device — and when they need it most. This is also important for effective training. With great apps, you can scale this, and train or notify hundreds of reps at a time.

Tip: Organize your content by giving to it reps to aligns with the buyer’s cycle.

6. How do I stop redundant data entry?

Perhaps your reps use email for sales, while your company uses Salesforce for CRM. Avoid redundant data entry in the two systems with integration. Find an app that has easy set up, works with multiple email clients, and integrates with your CRM. With strong and fast syncing capabilities, your reps will feel like they’re using one app.

Tip: Track outgoing emails as well an incoming.

7. How do I motivate my team to boost sales performance?

Energize them with gamification. Keep your teams engaged with friendly competition and continuous feedback. Influence the right behaviors and they’ll hit their quotas. Not only will gamification sharpen skills and your approach to the sales cycle, but it will also feed continuous improvement for your business.

Tip: Be fast to celebrate all wins, even the small ones.


Check out the over 1,000 sales apps, including apps for gamification, training, documentation generation, geodata and lead management on AppExchange and the Sales App Guide for more sales apps.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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