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8 Common Back Office Questions Answered

The back office is the backbone of a company, keep finance and accounting, ERP, HR, and IT running so the customer-facing departments can be successful. A new AppExchange guide incorporates app recommendations that solve common pain points for each department. Here are some of those best practices on how to find an app that fits your business challenge, as well as explore the common questions for each department.

1. How do I remove repetitive tasks from my to-do list?

Automation is the key. Finance apps automate those repetitive and manual tasks — so you can focus on customer needs. For instance, use data loaders to upload complex transactions in seconds.


2. Can I reduce the steps from creating an invoice to getting final payment?

Here’s one way. Automate the invoicing and billing process with finance apps. You’ll turn multiple payment steps into one. Use prebuilt templates so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.


3. How do I connect applications and systems so I can ship product faster?

Make them one. ERP apps integrate data, processes, and systems so you get any information anytime, anywhere. When choosing an ERP solution, make sure it can grow as fast as your production scales.


4. Can I gain visibility into all processes involved in order processing and product development?

Yes. Get on the cloud. ERP apps give you a better handle into order fulfillment and greater visibility into product lifecycle. When choosing a provider, don’t forget to lean on support teams for additional help with setup.


5. Can the systems that manage benefits, compensation, and compliance be connected?

Totally. With an HR app. Connected functions mean one sign-on, one data entry, and fast, complete reports. With HR apps, you can even track employee vacancies, overtime, and lots more.


6. How can we offer training and development that’s engaging yet flexible?

Try HR apps. Empower your employees with HR apps that automate and simplify the training process. You can even use these apps to enable customers as well as partners.


7. Is it possible to reduce time backing up and restoring data?

Yes, and an IT app can help. Save time when your company’s platforms, applications, and business groups are all connected. Look across your entire enterprise — including remote sites.


8. How do I service staff and track IT assets that are all over the world?

IT apps make it easy. IT apps consolidate data about every employee or asset so you operate with one system of record. You’ll get real-time info into who needs what. With over 3,000 apps in inventory, we hope this guide helps you zero in on the back office apps that are right for your business. View the entire collection and happy exploring. 

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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