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Meet Appy

Appy is the guide that everyone wishes they could have. Since she knows a lot about all things Salesforce, she leads the way to help you navigate the AppExchange ecosystem to solve your business challenge. Appy is also a connector. If she doesn’t know the answer, she uses her extensive network to connect the right people together to solve your problems. No challenge is too great, so just ask Appy. She is ready to help.

Height: 5’

Pronouns: She/Her


  • Community
  • Learning
  • Fun 

Favorite Trailhead Badge: AppExchange Basics

Favorite Quote:

“It is the ultimate luxury to combine passion and contribution. It’s also a very clear path to happiness.” - Sheryl Sandberg

Appy Guides

Appy is in the know about apps and really wants to share her knowledge with you. Appy helps you navigate AppExchange to find the right business solution. For example, want to know which sales apps our customers love? See what Appy says in these guides:

Appy Tips

Whether you're reading the latest AppExchange newsletter, scrolling through your Twitter feed (#AppyTips), or reading app guides, you can find Appy's latest tips everywhere you go. 

Favorite Hashtag: #appyness

Appy Community

Appy helps spread the Salesforce community’s vast knowledge. Meet 30 members of the Salesforce Ohana during our “30 Days of Appyness.” To learn more, look for tweets with #Appy from @appexchange.

Amanda Nelson is Director of Community Marketing for AppExchange, Salesforce.
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