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AppExchange Solutions for Financial Services Customers

AppExchange is a great place for financial services companies to look for solutions geared toward helping some of their biggest challenges. By exploring our curated industry collections, you can find and employ solutions that unlock the power of your financial institution. With AppExchange, you can deliver smart, integrated experiences that connect your teams and help them focus on what's important: serving customers' needs.


Below are some apps geared toward financial services customers, and below those, an excerpted article on three trends that will define banking in 2019.

AppExchange Solutions for Financial Service Customers


Use DocuSign to help grow your business efficiently by digitizing legal documents, sales agreements, HR forms, and more, all with rigorous security industry certification standards and data encryption. DocuSign e-signature makes any agreement fast, simple, and secure. DocuSign's integration with Salesforce is configurable and customizable across Salesforce clouds, allowing financial service companies to send, e-Sign, and track agreements and approvals from any device. DocuSign lets you merge data from any object, and has native integrations with other solutions like Octiv, Nintex, OpenTrust, and more.

Learn more about DocuSign

SUMO Scheduler

Banking, wealth management, and other financial service businesses are already complex. Reducing friction with SUMO Scheduler's simple yet powerful scheduling solution can help. Easily reschedule meetings, add invitees and manage changes, include web conferencing info, and synchronize calendars with SUMO Scheduler, built on the Salesforce platform. Increase customer retention by making it easy to connect faster with you, and stop chasing and waiting for prospects and customers by making it easy for sales teams to close more deals, faster.

Learn more about SUMO Scheduler


WebMarge helps automate your document generation process from start to finish so you can worry about business. Merge Salesforce data into PDFs, Word documents, Excel files, PowerPoint presentations, and more without needing a mail marge or copying and pasting data into a document. WebMerge helps financial service institutions import existing documents and forms, creating professional documents from scratch with the document creator. Merge Salesforce data into WebMarge documents to create proposals, contracts, invoices, and more.

Learn more about WebMerge


For financial services companies, it's critical to understand customer sentiment. With SurveyMonkey, it's easy to measure. Elicit feedback at every touchpoint to get a 360-degree view of the customer experience. Share insights and collaborate over survey results with teams across departments who can use collected data to improve. Easily create and customize surveys from hundreds of templates to capture NPS scores, monitor CSAT scores, and track post-case response by triggering Surveys right from Salesforce.

Learn more about SurveyMonkey


MapAnything provides financial service customers geolocation-based territory management, route planning and optimization, sales management, and reporting through a real-time, interactive map. Boost field sales and service productivity, increase fleet efficiency and compliance, and improve planning and data analysis, to help sales, service, and operations be more effective and efficient. 

Learn more about MapAnything

Fonteva Events

For financial service customers looking to host events, Fonteva Events provides enterprise event software powered by Salesforce. From online registration to agendas and planning logistics, Fonteva Events integrates seamlessly into events operations, helping manage over 50 different event types, with full payment processing and customizable branded registration websites.

Learn more about Fonteva Events

SMS-Magic Converse

With SMS-Magic Converse, financial service customers have the ability to manage large volumes of conversations with an intuitive inbox, priority alerts, filtering, and a seamless conversation history across Salesforce objects. Apps include industry-specific message content templates and automated workflows to create campaigns with a few clicks.

Learn more about SMS-Magic Converse

Take These Predictions to the Bank: 3 Trends That Will Define Banking in 2019

By Rohit Mahna

The hottest topic in banking for the past few years has been digital transformation. Regulations remain unpredictable and economic conditions are uncertain, but the importance of digital connectivity continues to grow.  

As Senior Vice President and General Manager of Financial Services at Salesforce, I lead the company’s strategy in the banking, wealth management, and insurance sectors. Throughout the year, I meet with hundreds of our customers around the world to understand the opportunities and challenges they face, as well as the short- and long-term trends taking place in the financial services industry.

Last year, we heard from almost every one of our banking customers about the ongoing significance of digital transformation. Open banking regulations pushed ahead in Europe and Australia. Banks acquired fintechs, and fintechs moved closer to banking. Mature financial institutions continued announcing new digital products such as robo-advisors.

In 2019, this whirlwind of developments will continue to gain speed. I believe we’ll see banks take digital transformation a step further by focusing on providing holistic financial experiences to their customers. Digital will be viewed as more than just an app or website — it will be the foundation for an entirely new way of engaging banking customers.


Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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