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AppExchange Solutions for Financial Services Customers

When we launched a smarter AppExchange this year, we were incredibly excited about the new curated industry collections prominently featured on the new site. Among the curated industries are solutions for financial service customers, which you can find here.


AppExchange is a great place for financial services companies to look for solutions geared toward helping some of their biggest challenges. With solutions on AppExchange, you can unlock the power of your financial institution, and deliver smart, integrated experiences that connect your teams and help them focus on what's important: serving customers' needs.


Below are some apps geared toward financial services customers, and below those, an excerpted article on how to start 1-to-1 journeys in financial services, featuring Trailblazers from Fidelity Investments, which features learnings and advice gleaned from their own journey.

AppExchange Solutions for Financial Service Customers


MapAnything provides financial service customers geolocation-based territory management, route planning and optimization, sales management, and reporting through a real-time, interactive map. Boost field sales and service productivity, increase fleet efficiency and compliance, and improve planning and data analysis, to help sales, service, and operations be more effective and efficient. 

Learn more about MapAnything

Conga Composer

Conga Composer makes document generation for financial service customers easy and accurate, helping to save time, cut costs, and scale with document automation. With Conga Composer, financial services customers can merge data into templates to create accurate proposals, quotes, and more in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, HTML emails, and PDFs.

Learn more about Conga Composer

Fonteva Events

For financial service customers looking to host events, Fonteva Events provides enterprise event software powered by Salesforce. From online registration to agendas and planning logistics, Fonteva Events integrates seamlessly into events operations, helping manage over 50 different event types, with full payment processing and customizable branded registration websites.

Learn more about Fonteva Events

SMS-Magic Converse

With SMS-Magic Converse, financial service customers have the ability to manage large volumes of conversations with an intuitive inbox, priority alerts, filtering, and a seamless conversation history across Salesforce objects. Apps include industry-specific message content templates and automated workflows to create campaigns with a few clicks.

Learn more about SMS-Magic Converse

Starting 1-to-1 Journeys in Financial Services: Four Trailblazing Tactics

 By Jim Eup

Tracey McMullen (Director, Marketing Automation) and Nicole Eggleston (Director, CRM Platform) of Fidelity Investments are the dynamic marketing duo leading a team of Trailblazers at Fidelity. With Salesforce’s help, this team has broken down silos to connect with business customers, consumers, and advisors in groundbreaking ways. This pair of Trailblazers shared their story, making confessions along the way that may be all-too familiar to many financial services marketers.

Confession: “I surrendered to the silos.”

For their first confession, Tracey and Nicole admitted: When Fidelity implemented Marketing Cloud, the first few customer journeys were confined to that platform. Marketing data wasn’t shared across integrated systems, resulting in a manual, print-based process of reporting and analysis that could not scale to meet real-time business requirements.

“We were digitizing the experience externally (for clients and partners), but internally we were still very reliant upon paper,” Nicole said. “We were taking customer data out of Salesforce, asking the back office to validate lists, and waiting up to two weeks for that data to show up in Marketing Cloud so we could send out another communication.” The marketing team had a meticulous 12-week client journey planned, but because of this tedious cycle, they couldn’t get approval to move forward with it. “We had to change the way we were doing it,” she said.

As customer satisfaction and meaningful engagement continue to soar, Tracey and Nicole have some thoughts about the lessons learned on their path to success:

1.    Don’t be afraid to blur the “marketing line.” Apply the lens of “customer experience” to anything external-facing. It provides consistency and keeps the focus on the client.

2.    Settle for less. Less, in this case, can be so much more. Make compromises when building a new campaign: “You can’t customize every single touchpoint and segment it by every single market,” Nicole said. “You’ve got to get it out and let your audience react. You’ve got to keep moving.”

3.    Schedule optimization and releases. Think ahead. If you have to change the path of your contacts’ journey for any reason, be prepared.


Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing