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AppExchange Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences Customers

AppExchange is a great place for healthcare and life sciences customers to look for solutions geared toward helping some of their biggest challenges. By exploring our curated industry collections, companies can find and employ solutions that help life sciences companies solve all sorts of complex challenges, particularly when it comes to optimizing efficiencies. For instance, a life sciences company selling medical devices may need to optimize contract workflows, integrate eSignatures into Salesforce, better route sales reps in the field, and more. AppExchange provides solutions to sell faster and more efficiently, and give customers a better experience once they've signed on the dotted line.


Below are some apps that healthcare and life sciences customers may find useful in solving business challenges. Then, we present an excerpted article from the e-book, "Life Sciences: A new frontier for customer service."

AppExchange Solutions for Healthcare and Life Sciences Customers

Conga Contracts

Conga Contracts helps close deals faster with automated contract creation, controlled negotiations, e-signature integration, and reporting built into Salesforce. Control your contract lifecycle management (CLM) with ease by managing message and format, report across contracts to eliminate bottlenecks, and shorten contract negotiations by giving reps the power to negotiate legal approved contract terms. 

Learn more about Conga Contracts

HelloSign for Salesforce

HelloSign is a solution providing a fast, simple way to get up and running with eSignatures in Salesforce. With HelloSign, it's easy for users to send documents for signature, track requests, and store everything in Salesforce. Implementation is straightforward and doesn't require a developer. Health and Life Sciences customers will benefit from template management within Salesforce, generated reports and dashboards based on document progress, and audit trails.

Learn more about HelloSign for Salesforce


MapAnything is a mapping platform that helps numerous departments operate more effectively, efficiently, and profitably by performing vital Salesforce tasks from a map. Geographically show customers, patients, physicians, and surrounding healthcare facilities, as well as the best areas to recruit patients. And view treatment sites or specialty services in the vicinity of a given patient. MapAnything provides geolocation-based territory management, letting you leverage maps in Salesforce to plan and optimize routes, see more customers, adjust based on traffic and weather, and more.

Learn more about MapAnything

Dell Boomi Integration

Dell Boomi Integration enables quick, easy integration to any combination of applications directly from the web without software, coding, or appliances, to help you build a connected business. Integrate Salesforce with any combination of other SaaS and on-premise applications while removing the burden of installing and maintaining integration software packages, custom coding, or appliances. 

Learn more about Dell Boomi Integration

OwnBackup for Salesforce

OwnBackup provides automated, daily backups, compare and restore for disaster recovery, replication for sandbox testing, GDPR compliance, and secure key management. With easy setup and unlimited storage, you can ensure the safety of your mission-critical Salesforce data, metadata, attachments, and custom objects while staying in compliance with both external regulations and internal IT policies. 

Learn more about OwnBackup

E-book: Life Sciences: A new frontier for customer service

The life sciences landscape has changed significantly — and as innovative new technologies continue to change the game, at the center of all this change is the customer. They expect you to know them and provide personalized solutions within any channel they choose. As the industry becomes more regulated and complex, customer expectations continue to rise. How do you deliver service that not only meets their expectations, but exceeds them. In this e-book, you'll learn about topics like:

  • Seamlessly navigating a complex industry
  • The prescription for an effortless customer experience
  • How Service Cloud can help every step of the way.

Download the e-book

Andrew Gothelf is Senior Manager, AppExchange Marketing
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