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Trailblazers Name Their Top 10 National Parks

Last week, the AppExchange checked another major milestone off the list by hitting five million installs — meaning Salesforce customers have installed apps from the AppExchange five million times.

To celebrate, we set out to highlight the people who made it all possible: the customer, partner, and employee Trailblazers in the the Salesforce Ohana who have turned the AppExchange into the thriving business app marketplace that it is today. We talked to them about how the AppExchange has impacted them over the course of five million installs and what they expected to see with the next million. And we asked them about their favorite apps, their favorite famous cats, what they thought Appy's middle name should be (stay tuned for a list of our favorite answers) — and about their favorite national parks.

It’s no secret that Appy is a big fan of national parks herself (subscribe to our AppExchange Marketing Program newsletter to see where she’s visited lately), and that much of Salesforce’s latest ad campaign gives a nod to the U.S. National Park Service. After all, the hundred-year-old mission of The National Park System aligns extremely well with that of our Salesforce Ohana:  To be a part of something greater than our individual selves, to provide equal access for all to spectacular resources and enable them to use them to educate and inspire others, and above all else, to blaze trails in an exciting, new frontier.

So it came as no surprise to find out that much of our AppExchange community enjoys ‘hitting the trail’ in more ways than one. Check out the graph below to see how the AppExchange Trailblazer community ranked their top ten favorite national parks, check out the links to learn more about the parks, and consider planning a trip to one (or more) as the perfect way to decompress after Dreamforce.
  1. Yellowstone National Park
  2. Yosemite National Park
  3. Hawai'i Volcanoes National Park
  4. Zion National Park
  5. Grand Canyon National Park
  6. Rocky Mountains National Park
  7. Glacier National Park
  8. Big Bend National Park
  9. Sequoia National Park
  10. Arches National Park

Check out to see more favorite apps, cats and national parks from Trailblazers around the world.
Appy trails!
Molly Hoffmeister is Content Manager at Salesforce AppExchange.
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